Time Travel from the Perspectives of Science and Meditation


” – Is time travel possible? Can we send messages back in time? Can we talk to our future selves?

These are questions that have been widely debated among scientists for a very long time.

Time is a dimension, but it’s so unsual in that sense that we can only move forward in it as long as we are in our Universe.

We try to find ways to travel back in time, but by doing that we are affecting a very important part of our physical Universe, called causality. If we want to travel back in time, we must find a way to prevent causality from being violated,” astrophysicist Charles Liu explained.”

You can read more here: Time Travel Communication: Sending Messages Through Time Can Be Possible – Says Professor

In meditation (and imagination) we can consciously travel through time just like that. Early in life I read a novel from Edgar Alan Poe, where the consequences of affecting the past in a minor way were, eh, huge, and not in a positive sense, when coming back.  During my inner plane travels with the higher guidance I have transmitted light, love, higher energies to my past(s) and future in this life, not directly changed the subjects as they have been, always having in mind and surrounded the journeys with this intention: for the best and highest of all concerned according to higher and free will.

We can also travel to the past with the intention to for instance amplify our gifts from the past lives in which we have had them highlighted. I mean, that often this kind of travel is only focused on the challenges and trauma we have had in the past and the healing of it. We can also visit probable futures and parallel lives and universes, different dimensions and paradigms as well, and more. There is no limit…

The now affects both our past and future, so time travel is of course not necessary, but one creative way to have inspiration, expand one´s mind and understanding about the self, the psyche, life and the universe. Nor do we need to believe in past lives (or in future lives for that matter) for they can also serve greatly as pure healing metaphors and symbols. (I personally have not consciously been drawn to manipulate future lives via time/inner plane travel. I don´t want to do it from the earth plane consciousness even with the higher guidance. Nor has it suggested me to do so.)

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2 thoughts on “Time Travel from the Perspectives of Science and Meditation

  1. Yes you are a time machine. You are the key and the time machine. The universe is withiwithin you.
    If you are reading this you shall learn how to travel and shape shift through time.
    It’s all about mindfulness and breathing. Compress the breath and charge the generator within at the centre of being and like splitting the atom you shall burst into neutral energy back to source which is determined by your vibes a form of darkness and light. Lol try it! It’s really true. 😉

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