Discerning Intuition from “Inner Noise”


(First posted on 2011 or 2o12 on my previous deleted blog)

“Intuition is the ability to know without words, to sense the truth without explanations. Intuition bypasses the logical mind with its belief systems, illusions, separative, self-centered thoughts, and limited understanding. Your intuition is not bound by time and space; it receives information from your soul and from the Universal Mind. It synthesizes this information for you, presenting it to you in a flash of knowingness. Intuition will often show you directions to go that do not seem logical, yet they will work if you trust them and act upon them.” – Sanaya Roman /orindaben.com

Intuition has many individual ways to speak to us. Intuition can talk via body, emotions, thoughts, pictures, hunches, imagination, spontaneous action… The purest form of pure intuition according to my personal experiences is not a feeling, nor a thought. Then I just know without knowing. A burst of joy may instantly follow though. As a little example, there was this logic quiz I once saw on the wall during a yoga camp, and I instantly knew the answer. I then used logic to get to the “why”. Logic gave me the same answer. It took me more time, but gave me the reasons of the why. We can allow intuition and logic to work as friends, as collaborators. Not all intuitive knowing can be explained by the logic like this though, until perhaps later.

During one of the first energy healing courses I took there back in time, we were practicing reading each others auras having our eyes open (not closed, which is the usual way to do it). I directly received very accurate, concrete information proved to be true; I was just talking, not thinking. My intellect had difficulties to accept that kind of way to do it. So, I continued to prefer channeling to be more sure of that the information came from a higher source instead of my personality, when I for instance gave readings to others. It was a meaningful difference of a few seconds, that I first received the messages (verbal or visual) to my “receptors” than just spoke them out.

When practicing channeling I often received (and still do) words in English I was not familiar with, proving to my doubting mind that I´m really channeling. (English is not my native language.)  Also, similarly, sometimes when writing this blog I receive words that fit (with no thinking).

Sometimes when I have had a challenge with the computer and have not succeeded in finding the solution intellectually, I then have dropped that and just begun “doing without thinking” and got the issue solved. Or I have spontaneously changed the shopping route and found an item I had been after at a price much better fitting my budget.

We might mess intuition for instance with fears and projection and other ego/sub personality talk. The better we know ourselves (again) the better we are in discerning what I call “inner noise” from the pure forms of intuition. Below are links to articles giving a few examples of how to discern intuition from “inner noise”.

How does intuition work for you? Would you like to share some of your personal experiences?

Discerning Intuition from Ego: Learning to recognize your intuitive voice, the voice that is wise and true and serves your well-being and development – Julie Cusmarin

Discerning Intuition From Fear – John Morton

Image: worldpaperswide.com