Background Story: Openings


My Opening to a New Level of Seeing and Sensing Energy


Sometimes we take big leaps forward on our spiritual journeys and life paths, and we can state major turning points in our lives. At other times we take little steps so step by step we hardly even notice any progress (if progress is a goal), and then things are often maturing for us and important inner work gets done for the new to be even better.

When I look at my own past, I can see a red line, or is that a golden line, of events, concrete steps, studying, healing and learning – “remembering” – all the pieces contributing to and building on each others so well, that it is like I had a plan. I had not. I was only following my heart and intuition, doing, exploring what I was drawn to next, or the things just flowed towards me (especially after certain decisions I had made).

I can clearly recognize one major turning point on my spiritual path. It was in 1997 when my first big jump into the world of energies took place. This happened during the first energy course I took – relating to giving energy healing to ourselves and others, both on the spot and from distance, as well as to our planet – that I began to sense and see and channel energy.

energy-wallpaper-1366x768It was a powerful opening in one session and during the first meeting with a healing guide. Luckily I had not been concentrating beforehand that much on what to expect from this workshop (as sometimes “sticky kind” of expectations may delay the delivery, or change the form of it), so I really got surprised by the universe.

Beforehand I had made sure though that the workshop was for people who are inner directed (vs outer directed) in their spirituality, and the reply had been: “We are speaking about Light here, but everybody defines him/herself what it is.” So, here I was and could not have any doubts about that something very concrete and special had happened.

Without even being so aware of it I had been preparing for this opening already for quite a long time. So, that what seemed like one big happening was built on the steps I had taken before. In a way the whole life of ours prepares us for central moments like these, or for whatever the next steps are on our individual paths.

Onto the Path of Being an Energy Worker/Healer

This opening put me on the path of an energy worker/healer (or light worker, what words we then like to use, they are not so static in this area): my most beloved passion and constant source of inspiration. It is an infinitely vast and abundant world, for looked at from the largest viewpoint everything is energy. And on the other hand it is a very plain and simple world. One of those amusing paradoxes of life and the universe.

The first essence of being an energy worker was and is me myself, my Personality, becoming even more aligned with my Soul and Spirit. In my world Personality and Soul are co workers, both contribute to each others, and in one sense they are inseparable. A happy blend. I have given my Soul permission – a free power attorney – to bypass my Personality´s will when that´s the case. The Soul is able to see the bigger picture better. It is much vaster than the Personality, and also a bridge to even more richness and aspects on the inner planes.

From the larger perspective my individual path weaves in the general raising of consciousness and vibration of humanity.

Healing & Wholeness, Challenges and Miracles

After the opening I got to experience more great healing miracles and shifts in my own life and in the lives of other people. I have had challenges as well. Anyway, seen from the bigger picture my life has become much more harmonious. A great healing took place in my (birth) family. I also healed permanently from a severe “chronic” physical illness there back in time. Another story within a story.

Sometimes we experience big miracles, and most of the time, at least to me, they are those smaller miracles, synchronicity, magic and flow taking place during the everyday living. They are available to and surrounding all of us. Being present in the now moment helps us recognize them. And by our intentions we can also enhance the experience of them in our lives.

Before “the energy shift” took place intuition and dreams had been my main Soul guides. I also have had a quite psychologically and esoterically oriented mind since from the beginning. After the shift more psychic skills opened and still continue to develop. Of those I would have liked to have heard more shared experiences from other people. That is one reason why psychic skills is one of the subcategories of this blog.

This Phase – In the Now towards the Future

Mainly in this phase in my life and in the area of the new energies I continue to anchor, explore and play with the energies as guided by the Higher (I am not offering or marketing individual sessions via this blog, as a side note). I am specialized in working and serving on and via the inner planes.

By the Higher guidance I mean that I set my personality and human will aside when transmitting, and am more like an observer after having soul aligned my own energies and set a space for a transmission session. The energies during my meditation sessions are tailored, guided and directed to where they are appropriate at the time according to Higher and Free Will, and for the greatest good of all. And this is of course not happening via me only; I am connected with other energy and light workers on the inner planes while joining in the planetary serving.

Part 2: Experiencing Telepathy in Daily Life: Personal Experiences

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10 thoughts on “Background Story: Openings

  1. What a gloriously moving story. thank you!! I enjoyed hearing more about your journey and where it has led you to this point. Many will be impacted, Not all those impacted will comment, but ripples in the water are generated.

    love, linda


  2. I received my first and second Reiki attunements between December and March of 2012-2013. In that time I have also developed a talent/discovered a gift I have with Tarot cards. These experiences have opened me up to the energy fields of myself and others and I have become very spiritual in the process. I am usually extremely positive and excited about life.I have only recently accepted my soul’s plan (I think of it as my “birth plan”) to be a light worker/energy worker. I would love to be able to devote more of my time and energy to this field, but I currently work 40 hours per week at my “day job” to pay bills (mostly college debt). I am sometimes frustrated by how limited my personal time is. I don’t enjoy being at work as much anymore because I feel my time could be better spent elsewhere. I feel compelled to quit my job and wait and see what the Universe sends me in its place, but I’m too afraid to take that leap. Do you have any advice for me? I guess I feel “stuck” spiritually at the moment. Lots of wonderful things are happening, but I don’t always enjoy them as fully as I can/should.

    Thanks for your wonderful posts.




    1. Thank you so much for sharing. Our paths are so individual, so I would need to know more to discuss in more detail. Sometimes it is time to leap and sometimes it is time to wait and opportunities will be coming our way in perfect timing.

      Those stuck moments are called “void” periods, maybe you are familiar with what it means in spiritual language. They are often kind of in-between states when the old is leaving and the new is not yet quite there. And when nothing seems to be happening the most is happening inside (if we allow). It can be a very creative time. I didn´t like the voids in the past, but I have come to love them later on. Living in the now moment might be of help, unless it is a familiar thing to you already. And we don´t need to push ourselves where we don´t feel being ready yet (that is something not so much taught in the do-do-do western world). Sometimes when either way doesn´t feel okay – the old and yet the new either, in this case – it may be time to let go and have fun and do something joyful and relaxing (that is a long story why it can be so :D).

      Anyhow, I´m holding a space for you. And I´m hoping you are trusting yourself and the universe (I always want to add: to the best of your/our ability in each moment). You are on your way…:)

      Much love,



    2. Hi Kaycie
      I am having exactly the same issue in my life, unfortunately for me I was sacked from my current position, from a job that is probably 6 figures in pay but it is not bothering me, I know that I have god, Jesus and the holy spirit helping and guiding me to better things, have faith in your thoughts to quit! you have a better life ahead just remember not to sit around doing nothing be proactive and follow your dreams, if you want them enough they will come true!
      Kindest Regards


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  3. Deelia,

    Thank you so much for that heartfelt response. I know I should trust myself and the Universe, but I still struggle. I still worry a lot. Mostly about people I care about and my financial situation. It’s not dire, but I have a lot of student loans hanging over my head. I feel like my freedom to pursue a career in energy work is subdued by my need for a more steady flow of income. I realize that I am somehow choosing to feel this way, but sometimes moods wash over me as if from nowhere. I am generally upbeat, happy and optimistic, but when I am gloomy it is hard to shake!

    As for experiencing void periods, I have never heard that specific term, but I’m familiar wit the concept. I understand intellectually that these periods are for rest, recuperation, creativity…etc. I can also understand how one could learn to enjoy these periods, but emotionally I still find it difficult! I also feel like this period is especially strange and I associate some of what’s going on with Mercury Retrograde. It truly feels like I learn something BIG about myself every day or so…I’m not sure how to incorporate it all. I just want to skip ahead to a stage where I’m a full-blown empath and I’m no longer struggling with doubt and fear! haha. I know that’s wishful thinking and I should just enjoy the here and now, but I can’t help but let my mind wander into the future. Is that healthy? Should I go ahead and day dream? I sometimes stop myself for fear of getting lost in my imagination.

    I just realized I’m starting to ramble. Thank you for listening and sharing. I really needed it!

    Light and Love,



    1. Yes, we are all still human with our emotions. 🙂 I mean that there is nothing to judge, it is understandable, common and acceptable. Our personalities are usually not comfortable with uncertainty. There is no one advice that would match us all, because we are individuals having different personality structures, habits, attitudes, believe systems and more or less subconscious programmings, and so on, they all affect our perspectives which then affect and shape our lives. That what resonates within is our advice, and so is our own intuition (and so on).




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