The Great Magic Room (Intro)

ID-10023802At the Gateway

You are about to enter (if you so choose after this intro) the room and space, where that what needs to be healed is already healed, where dreams have come true. Where we ARE in the New Paradigm already now.

The New Paradigm is called by many names. Some call it The Fifth Dimension, some call it The Quantum Magic Dimension, some call it Heaven or Paradise on Earth and some The Golden Age…to only mention a few of the names. The name does not matter, it is your inner good sense, intuition, knowing and/or feeling of The New Paradigm that matters.

This is not about hurrying, or rushing, or pushing. It is simply about setting ourselves in the energy we want to wear, integrate more of and sustain in our lives. And thus attract more of it into our daily lives.

This is a room of synchronicity, miracles, ease and flow.

This Room is also expanding the idea of what is possible.

Nothing harmful can enter or affect here in the Great Magic Room. The Space is so powerfully positively charged by the new energies. This is a safe space to play.

This Room and all the great energies here serve for the best and highest of all and everything concerned, according to higher and free will. Also all the higher guidance we might need is included in the energies either while connecting or coming our way afterwards.

This Space is mainly hosted by Antarea – a representative of golden goddess/god light for one thing – and the miracle devas. The miracle devas are childlike, joyful devic beings, who invite us to have fun, to experience, recognize and amplify the miracle energies in our lives. Yet there are many other high guiding lights, angels and masters joining in, including our own souls and spirits. Anyhow, if this kind of naming is not your thing, you can simply think of them as being “good energies” or whatever matches your perception of “Good”. These beings and the energies transmitted/connected with are all-knowing, all-wise and all-loving. They know what´s best for you – and each one of us individually – and how to interact with you and your auric field in the best way.

The responsibility and freedom of our own lives, creations, lessons and growth, stay in our own hands, like always. (And that what this means in the practice may sometimes be a lesson in itself. As sometimes we might tend to transfer our responsibility and freedom to others, like to teachers and healers. And on the other hand sometimes we might even overdo the responsibility of our lives, like for instance by believing it means needing to do everything on our own. And so on…)ID-10027420

This is also a place of trust and letting go. (When that´s the case.) Allowing our dreams and goals, inner and outer ones, to be fulfilled in the way and timing our souls and the universe know is best for us.

How to Connect:

♥ You can just click the room open and take a silent moment to connect and set yourself in the energy you want to wear.

For instance, if you have an outer world goal or dream in mind, you might think about how it feels to have it fulfilled already now.  Feel and sense, pretend that you have these qualities now. Are you being:

happy…joyful…content…free…peaceful…powerful…vibrant…safe and secure…loved… more whole…confident… balanced…and/or something else? Or you can simply set yourself in the energy of your dream life in general.

This is one way to find out the inner energy essences of our goals and dreams, if not having done that already. That what we believed not having, we can already have now by setting ourselves in the energy it represents. Playing with the essences also frees us from being attached to only one form of delivery, so the universe can deliver in many ways – also in such wonderful ways we might not have even been able to imagine.

Playfulness is very welcomed. If the adult part has had too much space in your life lately, you might want to invite your own inner magical child to join in.

“Playfulness means being able to explore and to do things, for the sheer delight of doing them. It means relaxing, being spontaneous, and allowing a situation to carry you where it will.”

♥ You can connect The Great Magic Room, or Space, during your meditations and hold a space of Good for others as well.

ID-100142774♥ You can connect in any other creative way you are drawn to.

♥ You can also write and post your wishes as like they are already fulfilled to this Gateway Space / Entry Room,  or write them down to yourself.

Feel free to visit The Great Magic Room as often as you like. After having got the idea from this info page, you can also go straight to the energy space by clicking “Enter” under the title “The Great Magic Room”.

For the physical eyes The Great Magic Room seems to be empty. But it is not. It is charged with Magical Energies. For the inner eyes it might look like you have arrived in a beautiful golden temple or garden…Just might, for this Space has its individual nuances….

Enjoy ~~~~~~~






Images: Victor Habbick, anankkml, samuiblue, scottchan /


14 thoughts on “The Great Magic Room (Intro)

  1. Hello,
    When I entered the Great Magic Room I immediately felt the energy within my body and all around me vibrate faster. I enjoyed this for several minutes and knew I could revisit the space in meditation or when playing with my new website.
    Thank you for this sacred space.
    Rainbow HeartLove


    1. How wonderful, Joyce. Lovely to live in the New Paradigm with you all, those I/we already know and those who are connecting and new to me/us. Happy celebration! Love and Magic, Deelia (a´ka Glady)


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