Poem: Humorous Guides

I channel
two words
I´ve never
heard of.
I then
find them
to be real
in urban

I burst
into laughter
of the
of description,
they also fit
the male and
the female.

is the


– Deelia ©


Image: pixabay.com

Poem: Sarcophagus of Light

One day
in an ancient world,
but in this world,
we traveled to this time
inside a sarcophagus
of light,
you and me,
in loving
embrace of

are we there
watching this day,
this moment,
or are we here,
or are we
here and

to be together
again we vertically
adjusted the
time line of now,
and here,
reminding us
that love at first sight
was not love at
first sight,
and the sarcophagus
was not for the dead,
but for the living
to travel between
worlds and the gate;
or was it
in the future past
this loving embrace
became up-to-date.

– Deelia ©



Images: pyramids /wallpaperswide,  Sarcophagus of Pharaoh Merenptah Tomb KV8, Valley of the Kings / Wikimedia Commons

Multidimensional Images: Goddess Hathor and God Horus


Image 1: Egyptian Goddess Hathor and Pharaoh Ramses II.  Read about Goddess Hathor at journeyingtothegoddess.wordpress.com

I have chosen the above image of Egyptian Goddess Hathor and Pharaoh Ramses II as my new header image of reasons also beyond romantic love (which my poem refers to) and their mythologies. The other image alongside would be Egyptian God Horus and Queen Nefertari (the favorite wife of Pharaoh Ramses II) below, which I have received as a gift from a friend several years ago and still have on the wall. I love the way it speaks to me beyond words and concepts in multiple dimensions. Both photos are from the website A World History of Art.

Image 2: Egyptian God Horus and Queen Nefertari. Read about Horus at ancientegyptonline.co.uk.



you have the head of an animal
and the body of a golden god

there is a panther of two meters in your steps
and deep silence in your voice

I build the bridge of my hair
for you to come

– Deelia (ages ago) Soul Fields Blog ©


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