Poem: Chickadee, Chickadee V


You can
come to eat,
though I sit here,
my beloved

And it comes,
it´s so close
I could touch it.
I sit quietly,
and in awe

“We trust
you, our fluffy girl,
our fluffy girl.”


– Deelia ©

Images: Deelia ©

Chickadee, Chickadee IV

Chickadee, Chickadee III

Chickadee, Chickadee II

Chickadee, Chickadee

Poem: Chickadee, Chickadee IV


– Is there any
food on
the table,
our girl,
our girl?

My chickadee
my chickadee
yes, there
is, your´re
so welcome.

– We are
and so

– Loving
is what
we prefer.

And love, it
is a magical

our lucky girl,
our lucky girl.


– Deelia ©



Chickadee, Chickadee III

Chickadee, Chickadee II

Chickadee, Chickadee


Image: Deelia ©

Poem and Symbolism: Peacock Magic



tail in its

full glory,

a small




it is there,

the joy

and wonder





– Deelia ©



Peacock Symbolism at Spirit Animal Totems

Peacock Symbolism and Meaning by Avia Venefica at whats-your-sign.com


Image: wallpaperswide / Danny Perez

Video/Youtube: Filmed at Trevarno Gardens on 18th April 2010, Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Symbol for April 2015: The Dolphin

From poweranimalsunleashed.com by Carrie Hart:

The Dolphin: Joy, Clarity, Synchronicity

The dolphin is so full of joy, he cannot help but leap into the air, just for the sheer pleasure of being alive.  Allow this vibrant life force to fill you, making you feel and know the privilege it is to be drawing one more breath in this precious life.  Let the dolphin teach you this deep abiding joy.

The dolphin is also a wonderful communicator.  He will teach you to listen to others and then to respond in a way which they will understand.  With the dolphin within you, words will flow more easily.  You will come into your own power as a communicator of both feelings and ideas, as his intelligence fills you with confidence in expressing yourself.

The dolphin is attuned to others, instinctively knowing just the right moment to leap into the air, so that the entire group moves in effortless harmony.  Let the dolphin teach you this intuitive synchronicity with others, moving at one with them and understanding what drives them and what moves them.”

Read more about the Dophin at whats-your-sign.com by Avia Venefica:  Dolphin Meaning and Dolphin Symbolism 


Image: Wikimedia Commons

My Power Animal for October: The Cougar


What is yours, wanna play? Click to find out at the wonderful site: Power Animals Unleashed (Home page) by Carrie Hart::arrie Hart http://www.poweranimalsunleashed.com/creek.htm

The Cougar: Fitness, Focus, Success
Read more: http://www.poweranimalsunleashed.com/power_animal_020cougar.htm


Image: wallpaperswide.com

Swan Poems and Symbolism


The Swan

Did you too see it, drifting, all night, on the black river?
Did you see it in the morning, rising into the silvery air –
An armful of white blossoms,
A perfect commotion of silk and linen as it leaned
into the bondage of its wings; a snowbank, a bank of lilies,
Biting the air with its black beak?
Did you hear it, fluting and whistling
A shrill dark music – like the rain pelting the trees – like a waterfall
Knifing down the black ledges?
And did you see it, finally, just under the clouds –
A white cross Streaming across the sky, its feet
Like black leaves, its wings Like the stretching light of the river?
And did you feel it, in your heart, how it pertained to everything?
And have you too finally figured out what beauty is for?
And have you changed your life?

– Mary Oliver


The Swan

This laboring of ours with all that remains undone,
as if still bound to it,
is like the lumbering gait of the swan.

And then our dying—releasing ourselves
from the very ground on which we stood—
is like the way he hesitantly lowers himself

into the water. It gently receives him,
and, gladly yielding, flows back beneath him,
as wave follows wave,
while he, now wholly serene and sure,
with regal composure,
allows himself to glide.

– Rainer Maria Rilke
translation by Joanna Macy and Anita Barrows

Related: Swan Meaning and Symbolism by Avia / whats-your-sign.com: http://www.whats-your-sign.com/swan-meaning-and-symbolism.html



Images: worldpaperswide.com

Turtles Here, Turtles There, Turtles Everywhere: Power Animals

800px-Total_internal_reflection_of_Chelonia_mydas_Already for quite a while I seem to be bumping into turtles everywhere (not on the live, it´s not possible, but in other ways). Yesterday I was laughing at this again, as I needed to write “I love turtles” on a check box, one of those we need to fill in to be able to use certain web services. The turtles appear to me in articles, photos, in the display names of followers of my blog, media, and so on…

Power animals or animal totems carry both individual and more collective symbolic meanings. Some power animals can be with us during a specific time period whereas others can be there for a life time. When an animal gives repetitive or otherwise strong signs of itself, it is bringing a message to us according to the phenomena of synchronicity for one thing. The roots of the totem animal thinking are in the past traditions and cultures, where animals were respected and living closer to the people and everything in the nature had a meaning, spirit.

We can also use our intuition or ask in meditation what the power animal for a special issue, month, year…is. There are also power animal oracles on the internet. Here is my favorite one: Power Animals Unleashed .

The main meanings of The Turtle to me individually are patience and longevity. All in all the meanings are much like astrological Saturn gifts. The Turtle reminds me of that patience is an easy and natural thing when I´m living in the now. Then it just is. It also reminds me that I am always safe and secure, and that too much “self protection” may lead to blocking the natural flow. There is humor, too, and also more layers, but this it is in short. I´m also sharing a link to a wonderful site I found yesterday for more meanings of The Turtle. This site seems to be having fresh viewpoints in addition to the more traditional ones. The true meanings are always those we know intuitively by ourselves or otherwise resonate with.  Animal Symbolism: Meaning of the Turtle / Avia Venefica at whatsyoursign.com


Image: Wikimedian Mila Zinkova /wikimedia commons