Who Am I? by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

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I — who am I?
I am no one
I can be anyone

I am Kuntuzangpo, who cannot be seen by looking
I am the melody that cannot be heard by listening
I am the truth that cannot be learned by grasping
I am the energy that cannot be stopped by blocking

Do you know me?
I am no one

I am the space between thoughts
I am the joy between painful moments
I am the confidence between fears
I am the peace between wars

Do you know me?
I can be anyone

I am the light that sees the darkness
I am the ear of compassion that hears suffering
I am the warmth of the heart that generates joy
I am the power of mind that benefits others

Do you know me?
I am no one

I am the source of everything
I am the expanse of the boundless sky
I am the radiant light that is everywhere
I am the wind that grants life force
I am the fire that enlivens the body

Do you know me?
I can be anyone

I am the refuge that abides within you
I am the value that spontaneously manifests
I am the energy that arises naturally and ceaselessly
I am the activity that compassionately benefits others

Do you know me?
I am no one

I am the mother who loves
I am the friend who can be trusted
I am the power that protects from enemies

Do you know me?
I can be anyone

I am home for you who are homeless
I am a friend for you who are lonely
I am power for you who are weak
I am wealth for you who are poor

I am the mirror where you see yourself.

Do you know me?

I — who am I?
I am no one
I can be anyone

– Ababa (Tenzin Wangyal) Sept 24, 2019 (translated by Tenzin Wangyal and Steven Goodman, 29 September, 2019, Cafe Leila, Berkeley, California)

Poem: A Shamanic View


On a breathtakingly
beautiful winter day
twelve birds
are having a rest
on the white laced
of the trees;
they look huge
to the scenery
like do
ships on
an oceanic horizon.

Magical moment
of stagnation
gets saved
by the inner

in a past life
a native tribe
is quietly
tuning into
the Great Spirit.


– Deelia ©


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Article: Introducing Mind-Body Bridging


This text is from Mind-Body Bridging Institute at http://mindbodybridging.com/more-about-mind-body-bridging/ where you can read the full article:

About Mind-Body Bridging

“Mind-Body Bridging (MBB) is based on the premise that the mind-body state hindering optimal functioning results from overactivity of a system called the Identity System (I-System). All your thoughts, emotions, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours that limit optimal functioning are the result of an overactive I-System.

According to Dr. Stanley H. Block, developer of MBB, the human I-System evolved in order create a sense of human individuality through divisions of family, clan, religion, culture, race, nation and species. Without it, humans would lack self-interest, direction and drive. However, an overactive I-System exaggerates our sense of separateness by restricting awareness, creating anxiety and disrupting the harmony and balance of our mind-body connection. In modern society, this unfortunate condition is nearly universal.

I-System overactivity leads to a busy head and tense body, and the myriad of symptoms, conditions and diseases that accompany this high-stress and emotionally limited way of being. In short, the I- System is a built-in commotion machine, creating a life of separation and ongoing tension.

You can learn and experience how to put your I-System to rest during the activities of daily living, and achieve optimal functioning, with MBB tools. Through this management of your I-System, you can gain access to your full potential.”


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* Inspiration – Sitting and Feeling

Reblogged from Find Your Middle Ground:

Find Your Middle Ground

sitting in nature

“Sitting in quiet and stillness and just being in a state of openness gives you a clear opportunity to watch what happens internally when you stop judging your experiences, when you stop judging your mind for being busy, or you stop judging yourself for having a particular feeling.

You don’t try to get rid of the feeling.
You don’t try to get rid of the mind.
You just let go of your judgment.

You let go of trying to control the moment. For a while, you surrender into what is.”

~ Adyashanti

Sometimes we forget about this gift that we can give ourselves.

May you find your middle ground today.

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Meditation is not evasion; it is a serene encounter with reality. – Thích Nhất Hạnh


Thirty spokes of a wheel all join at a common hub
yet only the hole at the centre
allows the wheel to spin
Clay is moulded to form a cup
yet only the space within
allows the cup to hold water
Walls are joined to make a room
yet only by cutting out a door and a window
can one enter the room and live there

Thus, when a thing has existence alone
it is mere dead weight
Only when it has wu, does it have life

Verse 11, Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu

(Wu is nothingness, emptiness, nonexistence)

Source : Discover Meditation by Shelley Costello, read the whole article here: http://EzineArticles.com/7297328



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Poem: Stillness of the First Snow


has filled
the branches of
the trees
left bare
from the leaves

loving embrace
of the silence
of the night
is hugging the

echoing its
blessing of
the heart
 of the allowing

for a
the observer
ceases to exist,
only eternal


– Deelia ©


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Poem: Inner Peace


And then
stillness of mind
just descends.

If I try to hold
on to it,
it´s gone,
for peace of mind
is not made of pieces
but of wholeness
of beigness.

And jazz is
being played
on the radio.

– Deelia ©


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