Poem: Stillness of the First Snow


has filled
the branches of
the trees
left bare
from the leaves

loving embrace
of the silence
of the night
is hugging the

echoing its
blessing of
the heart
 of the allowing

for a
the observer
ceases to exist,
only eternal


– Deelia ©


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Poem: At the Oasis


Ease is my dear friend.
It is holding my hand,
saying: – Look,
we are here
at the oasis.
past remnants
in the form of
cloud your
the new

– Deelia ©


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Poem: Inner Peace


And then
stillness of mind
just descends.

If I try to hold
on to it,
it´s gone,
for peace of mind
is not made of pieces
but of wholeness
of beigness.

And jazz is
being played
on the radio.

– Deelia ©


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Poem: Pale Purple


I was shown pale purple
surrounding the
the cloud of densities
of the world.
It was of cosmic light,
so calming to the
human mind,
peace and ease
down to the Earth

Accepting our anger
is seeing what
it truly was,
channeling it
we transmute it into
creative force
of luminous light,
and active energy
of divine delight

Peace resides
there in the
open heart,
bridging the gap
between the
mind and feel,
and we can see
the real

It becomes easy to have
love and calm,
and a mind that
does no harm
to oneself
nor to the other.
The Spirit of Peace and Ease
comes to the fore,
subtly permeates the core.

– Deelia ©


Images:  Wikimedia Commons

Pale purple flowers,  Leon Brooks
Butterfly on the Lavender Alex Proimos

Poem: All These Forms


All these forms — appearance-emptiness
Like a rainbow with its shining glow
In the reaches of appearance-emptiness
Just let go and go where no mind goes

Every sound is sound and emptiness
Like the sound of an echo’s roll
In the reaches of sound and emptiness
Just let go and go where no mind goes

Every feeling is bliss and emptiness
Way beyond what words can show
In the reaches of bliss and emptiness
Just let go and go where no mind goes

All awareness — awareness-emptiness
Way beyond what thought can know
In the reaches of awarenessemptiness
Let awareness go — oh, where no mind goes

– Khenpo T G Rinpoche


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