Poem: Universal Trash Can


I have programmed
it so, that all
my negativity
automatically flies
into The Universal Trash Can
without influencing my life.

This trash can is filled with
transforming Light.
Hip, hip, hooray,
look at the easy flight!

Having accepted, and
the underlying
reasons of my negativities
it has been enough to be aware
and just do one´s best.

This trash can is filled with
transforming Light.
Hip, hip, hooray,
look at the easy flight!


– Deelia  ©


Image: Keerati /freedigitalphotos.net

Poem: Chickadee, chickadee


Hello again
chickadee, chickadee,
my city bird 
jumping for joy
on the windowsill
of my kitchen.
Did you come for
a coffee?
Wanna come in?

And another day
I come from the
and you are flying
inside there.
I did invite you in,
didn´t I,
or is it 
my veggie
you prefer?

“City girl,
city girl,
open the window,
open the window
and even from
the stony yard
joy flows in.”

– Deelia © 



Chickadee Meanings (link corrected) by Avia at whats-your-sign.com


Image: Wikimedia Commons

Monthly Symbol: Shooting Star for December

Star of the Hero by Nicholas Roerich. From wikiart.org. Click the image to enlarge.

Shooting star is my pick to be the symbol of December here at Soul Fields.  Wishes and dreams are being fulfilled. Connecting with our inner child we are able to see the miracles and magic everywhere and bring a sense of awe and wonder into our lives.

I chose an image of a male star gazer, because the female is so much the emphasis today when it comes to spirituality from the newer perspective. (Not that it is disconnected from the male point of view, quite the contrary.)

The Symbolism Behind a Shooting Star / Spice4Life

The Shooting Star – Symbol and Myth / A Seeker’s Thoughts

Added afterwards: Make a Wish Upon the Shooting Stars This Weekend / Donna Henes /Huffington Post (mythic shooting star meanings in different cultures)