An Energy Flower: Light Blue Daisy



The other day one of the visuals I received during my energy meditation session was a light blue daisy in a nature environment. It still connects me with very tender, light and clear energies, a sense of freshness included. In the meditation it referred to clear, loving communication (5th energy center/throat center* in general) and inner stability – like mental and emotional energy bodies being aligned and in their “own spaces”.

I am drawn to share this delightful,  symbolic energy flower with you all. The main symbolic meanings associated with the daisy itself are such as: purity, joy, innocence, loyal love, beauty, patience and simplicity. 



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New: Monthly Symbol – Chrysanthemum for November (updated)

I´m starting a new play choosing a monthly symbol.

The first monthly symbol is for November and it is Chrysanthemum, a Scorpio flower and also generally referred to as November birth flower.

Chrysanthemum Meanings at Symbolic Meanings by Avia

Here is my earlier post about Chrysanthemum including a link to other Zodiac flower meanings:

Some Thoughts on Scorpio and Flower Astrology

From now on you can find the monthly symbol on the right sidebar as well.


Image: Chrysanthemums BY AUDREY from Central Pennsylvania, USA /Wikimedia commons

Flower Symbolism: Mystical Orchid

Odilon Redon: Strange Orchid /


Deep in the valley, a beauty hides:
Serene, peerless, incomparably sweet.
In the still shade of the bamboo thicket
It seems to sigh softly for a lover.

– Taigu Ryokan

I seem to be bumping into orchids so often (or they into me), so I´m sharing the pleasure with you all.

General symbolic meanings of orchid: Love, beauty, sensuality, mature charm, fertility, virility, feminine-masuline balance, luxury and reaching the full potential.

More about orchid (and other flower) meanings:

Orchid Flower Meaning, Orchid Meanings


when two people
understand each other
in their innermost hearts
their words are sweet
like the fragrance
of orchids

– lisa hancox

Orchids in Bloom

In all things thought seen…
The world has once again conspired
Culminating in a soft petals bloom
Capturing, the eye of man
Illuminating hope in the darkest room

It is this spark, this aura, this radiance
This ignition of inner quality
Amid viscus conflagrations, striking in its purity
Breaching through your outer identity
Nascent, your inner beauty shines, intensely

Lighting the path of life and love

– Marcus McKinley



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