Musing on Positivity: Unconditional Flow


Instead of just posting an affirmation today, I began musing on the subject and how to use positivity in general. I wanted to share with you, that I always post affirmations and the kind in this blog remembering that there are different levels of distress, and also people who might be dealing with deep traumas and such, when deeper going tools are required.  In other words, I never mean to belittle anyone´s challenges, which is a negative use of positivity.

Acceptance of all of our feelings and emotions and negative thoughts is so important,  I´d like to put that sentence in every posting of mine. Emotions – although many of them are more or less unconscious projections etc (= about transferring past energies that are not really there to todays issues, and so on) – may also tell us where our healthy boundaries are, where we need to say “no” for example. And then, after having accepted the negative thoughts and emotions, the suggestion continues to bring in the positive ones alongside them.  It is not good to push positive thoughts on by force, like “smile though your heart is breaking and head is aching”.  Sometimes the first thing of any self healing and growth is to notice in what kind of energy we are reflecting on and couching ourselves in the first place. And from the deepest distress, the darkest cellar, we might need to come back enough for affirmations, and such, to work. Sometimes a hug,  even from ourselves,  is more relevant than any words.

So, if manifesting tools, for example,  don´t seem to be working  there might be layers beyond the surface to be healed. (Many books of manifesting stay on the surface level only, and sometimes as if there aren´t any other layers.  We are also individuals, so that what might work for the other one´s psyche, might not work for the other.) If not seeing the layers, we might for example just make another conditioning out of positivity, which says: “I can have positive things in my life only if I am positive, and if I´m negative I can´t have them”. Then it just continues the underlying  conditioning, that tells: “I´m only worthy, if… ” instead of:  “I´m am always worthy just as I am.” That is why I use the idea of unconditional flow, for the love of the universe is unconditional and love and acceptance heal.

So, the affirmations I share today are:

“I accept all my thoughts and feelings.”

“I am in unconditional flow.”

And here is another one:

“Celebrate your new direction, even when you don’t have it all figured out.”  – Gina DeLapa /Personal Growth Doesn’t Tickle: 10 Tips to Make It Easier

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