An Energy Flower: Light Blue Daisy



The other day one of the visuals I received during my energy meditation session was a light blue daisy in a nature environment. It still connects me with very tender, light and clear energies, a sense of freshness included. In the meditation it referred to clear, loving communication (5th energy center/throat center* in general) and inner stability – like mental and emotional energy bodies being aligned and in their “own spaces”.

I am drawn to share this delightful,  symbolic energy flower with you all. The main symbolic meanings associated with the daisy itself are such as: purity, joy, innocence, loyal love, beauty, patience and simplicity. 



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Do You Think that You Have Never Channeled?


“The times when inspiration flows effortlessly are similar to the channeling state. Most of you have had brief experiences of a channeling-like space, such as talking to a friend in need, feeling wisdom flowing through you and saying things you had not originally intended to say. The moments when you feel deep love for a friend, awe as you look at a beautiful sunset, appreciation for the beauty of a flower, or the reverence of deep prayer all contain elements of this state of consciousness.” Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer at


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Trusting My Guidance


Thank you Guidance
for all the messages,
through all my
not to
even the most
How can I
be so loved
just as I am,
just as we all

And thank you
my stubborn part,
it is you
who miraculously
made me overcome
the most difficult
things in this life,
your will to live
and your will to love,
and your growing
ability to allow ease,
let´s get stubborn
in trusting.

– Deelia ©

Including a couple of quotes from the wonderful book Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer at

“It is all right to have doubts. Almost everyone goes through times of having doubts, even the finest, most experienced channels. You are not alone.”

“More people than ever possess the ability to channel, explore alternate and probable futures, move into new understandings and concepts of time, control the mind and unconscious, and tap into the powers of their superconscious selves. As more people travel into other dimensions and higher realms, a doorway is created for many more who would not have been able to make such journeys before. Changes are occurring in dimensions beyond the earth; doorways are being created to other planes of reality that have never before been accessible to people.”


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Quote: Being Magnetic to Love


“Let your heart center become magnetic with love, waves of love radiating out from you. Feel the difference between being magnetic to love, and working hard for love. When you magnetize love you stay in the center of your being and in touch with your soul. Love flows out from you and draws love to you. You do not send your awareness out to others to anticipate their needs and moods so you can then behave in certain ways to gain their love.– Soul Love book by Sanaya Roman

From Creating Your Highest Future Room at Orin& You can click an excerpt for yourself here:



Quote: Expanding the Concept of Time


“Most people think of Time Travel in third dimensional terms as moving to another place, when in reality it is a change of Frequency on a particular Time Spiral. ” – Celia Fenn

From: Time Travel 101″ by Celia Fenn. Understanding the radical shifts of the last three months

Home page of Celia Fenn



Quote: Holding a Positive Vision for the Earth


ID-10083636“Think of the earth as becoming more beautiful and believe that it is possible to live in a place with clean air and a healthy environment, and you will create it as true in your own reality. You will be creating a positive vision that becomes telepathically available to others. When enough people hold a positive vision of the future, it will come about, for your thoughts and intent create your reality.” – Spiritual Growth/Sanaya Roman

From Creating Your Highest Future Room at Orin& Click an excerpt for yourself here:


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Thankfully about an Intuitive Reading Given by Linda


Marc Chagall: The Lovers in the Moonlight, 1938

My blogging friend Linda at litebeing chronicles gave me an intuitive reading concerning my love life. It was so spot on as for what has already been going on in the area and what I have seen for myself clairvoyantly as well. In the reading sent by email she shared a couple of images she had received having first gone within and focused on me. She had also picked a couple of Sacred Path cards describing what I need to release and the new energies coming in. I´m very delighted by the accuracy of the reading! Linda is also a very skillful astrologer and dream interpreter. Click the links to read more about her services  and the testimonials.

Soul Love


“Your soul is serene because it knows how to magnetize love. Your soul does not struggle or work hard for love. It experiences an abundance of love all the time. You can experience the magnetic quality of soul love and draw love and all good things to you. Sense the magnetic quality of this field of love that emanates from your heart center. Imagine magnetic rings of love spiraling out from your heart center, drawing love to you in all its forms, aspects, and expressions. As you radiate soul love, you are magnetic to the beauty and love within people and to all good things that the universe has to offer.”

– From the book: Soul Love by Sanaya Roman


Cellular Healing Meditation: Raising Vibration and Creating a Shift

This post is my take in joining in Sindy´s 11 days of clearing “pot luck party”: Reclaim ElevenToday there is also a post from Debra / The Ptero Card.  Yesterday´s post was by Lisa / My Spirit Journey: Am I a Raven or a Dove?. Karen / Karen Kubicko is in turn tomorrow, 18th.  Updated afterwards, here are links to all the posts:

There was an abundant flow of ideas and perspectives I could have chosen concerning the subject. But then I ended up choosing one of the most obvious options of an energy worker; so what follows is an energy meditation.

The meditation has two main parts. If you choose to do it after having read through it, but don´t want to do it all at once, you can stop after the first part and continue to the last paragraph.  Later you can then decide if you want to continue also to “the golden gate” part.

You can silence your mind and allow the energies of this meditation to affect you positively already while reading. You might also want to think that you are soul connected with others on a similar kind of path (an intention of it is enough).


Cellular Healing Meditation: Raising Vibration and Creating a Shift

by Deelia with The Guides

Before you begin this meditation you might want to call in your own Soul/Spirit, your Guides and Angels, or anything else you individually consider being a source of Love, Light and Good.

Get in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take a couple of deep breaths in and with each breath out let yourself grow calmer and calmer and more and more peaceful. With each out breath you can sound a relieved “aah” and feel how all the worries and troubles are leaving you. Imagine then how the most wonderful, beautiful light begins to gently pour down on you from the higher planes. Sense how the light begins in a silken soft way to clean and purify all the dense energies and tensions there might be to let go of. You are being gently embraced by this angelic light of the higher planes. Your body is getting deeply relaxed. Serene lightness of being is taking place in your heart and mind and whole being.

You are being held in this finest light that is now surrounding you even more fully. This light that is being transmitted to you is all loving, all knowing and all wise and knows how to interact with you auric field in the best way. Sense how this light begins to permeate your physical body, all the muscles and organs and reaching the cells, the DNA and sub atomic level. All the atoms and molecules begin to (re)arrange themselves in the best possible way for you. At the same time you are gently and lovingly continuing to let go of all the energies that are not for your greater good. All the unnecessary programmings, conditioning and negative believes are being cleansed. They have served their purpose and are now ready to leave you body. You don´t need to think or analyze in detail what they are, no pushing or efforting is needed either, you are just gently and easily letting go of them, and allowing all that is good for you and coded in this finest light to replace them on an even deeper level. You are being reminded that you are worthy of all the good and wonderful there is in the universe. All is well, and even better now and for always, in the past, in the present, and in the future. Feel how unconditionally loved, safe and secure you are. Ultimately you have always been that and will continue to be, for “you are in this world, but not from this world”. And Love, it does create miracles.

When you are being ready with the physical body, this finest light begins to permeate and rejuvenate your emotional body. You don´t need to locate your emotional body, just knowing this is happening to your emotional energies is enough. All  your emotional energies are becoming flowing and beautiful. When you are feeling being ready, the finest light begins to permeate and clean and refresh your mental body. Your thought energies are becoming clear and fluid. All your auric fields are being balanced and coming into alignment. Your own Soul, your higher loving, wise and powerful presence, is now able to reach and blend with you on an even deeper level than before. You are one with your Soul.

(Directly continue to part two or skip it and go to the end paragraph from here.)

Continuing to part 2: When feeling being ready you are seeing and/or sensing a beautiful open golden gate at a little distance, perhaps in the upper front. Radiant light is shining invitingly through it. Going through this gate will represent your renewed consciousness, the new paradigm and a paradigm shift you are now ready to have being aligned with your soul. You might want to affirm that you are now ready to accept and allow this happy shift to take place in you and in your life. All that you don´t want to take with you will be left behind the gate. Then move through the gate to the other side of it. Take a moment to enjoy this lovely sustained shift in energy, this newness, this wholeness and wellbeing.

When you are being ready you can ask for a symbol for yourself of this shift, of this new paradigm you have now entered. It may be anything: a visual image like a golden key, a feeling, a color, a sound, there are no restrictions. Take your time to receive your symbol now. If you have asked for it, you are also receiving it, whether you are getting a clear sense of it now or not. It can come into your mind later on, or you may see it in a dream, or in the media, and so forth, or you will just know. You can use the symbol, the gift, as a reminder and play with it in many creative ways afterwards, if you like.

Again when feeling being ready begin to come back slowly and gradually into your ordinary, yet shifted state of consciousness. Imagine your Earth Center (a different thing than the base chakra), a shining dot of light located a couple of feet below the ground under your feet (if you are sitting) drawing you fully back onto the physical plane. This is one way to ground yourself and the new energy state you have brought with you from the inner planes onto the physical plane and existence. The “Earth” and “Heaven” energies know their optimum blend for you. Gently stretch yourself, open your eyes and enjoy the newness of being. Know, that something very concrete and miraculous, wonderful and sacred has just happened. It´s time to congratulate yourself!

© Deelia /


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