Poem: Heard on the Train


– You are the eight
wonder of the world
in my life,
says a little boy
to his father,
I guess.

– How beautifully
said, replies
the older

How manly
is the balanced
in the male,
I quietly smile.


– Deelia ©


Image: yin yang by cbenjasuwan /freedigitalphotos.net

Poem: Divine Sensitivity


What´s the use of me
in this world,
asked Sensitivity
upset she was.

The Soul hugged her,
your innocence is
a gift of love
able to open
hearts of many.
You can sense
the beauty of
the flowers
and connect with
the stars,
be in the present with
all your senses.
Without you beauty
couldn´t be seen,
harmony not be found,
loving touch not
be sensed.
Your ability to love and accept
people as they are,
and your gift of nurture
are treasures of the Divine.
why not celebrate
this sacred essence
and give yourself
a wonderful
nurturing treat
to bring you back
to the Heart,
where your partner
Strength is
waiting you.
Without you being there
he´s not true.

– Deelia ©


Image: luigi diamanti/freedigitalphotos.net