Poem: Jupiter Smiles


Jupiter smiles

each time

we consider


being lucky,

when there

is fairness

and fun,

an expansion


the narrowing



– Deelia ©


Image: Aurorae on Jupiter / NASA, ESA, Hubble, Astronomy Picture of The Day / 2016 July 11 at https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap160711.html

Poem: Ceres


     It asks you
it knows
no conditioning,




– Deelia ©

Image: Wikimedia Commons / Plumeria ‘Lei Rainbow’ by Meneerke bloem


It’s Galactic Center Time: Are You a G.C. Transmitter?

Reblogged from Sophia’s Children (posted 2015/12/17) . Here is another link: The Galactic Center in your Astrology chart by House at Astrology Club http://astrologyclub.org/the-galactic-center-in-your-astrology-chart-by-house/ (Personally and among other things I´m fascinated by the fact that my MC is exactly 26 degrees in Sagittarius. The interpretations of the house positions 9th and 10th made me laugh.)

Sophia's Children

The Galactic Center. Image from Susan Stolovy (SSC/Caltech) et al., JPL-Caltech, NASA. The Galactic Center. Image from Susan Stolovy (SSC/Caltech) et al., JPL-Caltech, NASA.

There’s a bit of Galactic Inspiration coming our way, just in time for the Holy Days and a fresh new calendar year.

Might you have a particularly powerful connection to this? Read on, my friend.

The Sun is just ready to meander over the Galactic Center (G.C.) astrological degree in late Sagittarius,stirring up some interesting conversation, possibilities, and perhaps even a few Cosmic-Juju pulses into the shared energy field in which we all dance.

I’ve long had an interest in the Galactic Center because, first, I’m a stargazing astronomy geek.

I once walked straight into a parking sign that had been plowed into and thus angled into the sidewalk, because I was staring up at a couple of planets sparkling in a rare clear night sky in San Francisco. True story, and I had a curious bruise…

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Poem: Jupiter Conjunction Uranus



the fuzzy
the scope
for renewed

a sense of

in the
shifts and
open up

and fun,

bubbles up.


– Deelia ©


Uranus transiting the First House  (personal chart) +

Jupiter conjunction Uranus in the Sevent House:

“…Another effect of this influence is that it can open your eyes to new possibilities. Its consciousness-expanding nature can help you see situations from a totally different angle, and you may think of solutions to the problems that you have had to face. Often these will be radical solutions that you would usually be afraid of, but this influence gives you the confidence to try them.

Whatever the effects of this influence, you can expect a sudden broadening of the scope of your life and the opportunity to encounter life from a new, richer and broader perspective. This may come about through a major transforming event or through a series of minor ones that collectively have a large impact.” – astro.com


Image: My Tarot Pick for June; Wheel of Fortune / The Tarot of Crystals and Gemstones


Articles and Links: An Overview of Relationship Astrology


The first excerpt and link is to a great article of Liz Greene, which makes a good overview of the subject to my mind. Although the article is about composite chart, it explains it in relation to synastry chart and birth chart. I also thought it might give something to those, too, who are not so familiar with astrology as might the other links as well.

The Composite Chart by Liz Greene at astro.com

One plus one equals three

The concept behind the composite chart – or, as Erin Sullivan sometimes calls it, the compost chart – is that it represents the relationship itself as a third factor. Two people create a third thing between them. The composite chart is like an energy field, which affects both people and draws certain things out of each individual as well as imposing its own dynamics on both.

The composite doesn’t seem to describe what either person feels about the other. In this way it is very different from synastry, which describes the chemistry between two people in terms of how they affect each other. When we are exploring the synastry in a relationship, we say, “Your Venus is on my Mars. You are activating my Mars and bringing a Mars response out of me, and I am activating your Venus and invoking a Venus response in you. Consequently we feel a certain way about each other.” When we are looking at a composite chart, we are not exploring what two people activate in each other or feel about each other. We are interpreting the energy field they generate between them. The composite chart is like a child, a third entity which carries the genetic imprints of both parents but combines these imprints in an entirely new way and exists independently of either of them.Read more here: http://www.astro.com/astrology/in_composit_e.htm

The Composite Chart: Synastry & Relationship Astrology at cafeastrology.com: http://www.cafeastrology.com/compositechart.html

Synastry & Relationship Astrology


Image: Marc Chagall – Over the Town  /wikiart.org

Eros in Pisces (January 12th – February 27th)


“Eros in Pisces says, “merge into the depths with me”! Here Eros wants to lose all sense of where his being ends and another begins. Eros in Pisces desires a return to paradise, a drink from the Holy Grail and union with the divine. He is willing to give up his own identity, allowing it to melt and merge with the beloved until they are no longer distinct but part of a greater whole. This is the state of the mystic and the universe of the quantum physicist.”

From Eros in the Signs of the Zodiac by Kim Falconer, read more: http://www.falconastrology.com/natal_asteroids.htm (link corrected)

Kim’s Eros in Pisces http://www.falconastrology.com/transits.htm

Asteroid 433 Eros: The Astrology of Love http://www.falconastrology.com/discovery.htm


Image: wallpaperswide.com

New: Monthly Symbol – Chrysanthemum for November (updated)

I´m starting a new play choosing a monthly symbol.

The first monthly symbol is for November and it is Chrysanthemum, a Scorpio flower and also generally referred to as November birth flower.

Chrysanthemum Meanings at Symbolic Meanings by Avia

Here is my earlier post about Chrysanthemum including a link to other Zodiac flower meanings:

Some Thoughts on Scorpio and Flower Astrology

From now on you can find the monthly symbol on the right sidebar as well.


Image: Chrysanthemums BY AUDREY from Central Pennsylvania, USA /Wikimedia commons

New Blog Theme

I have changed the theme (visual appearance) of my blog today and might still do some more fine tuning by time.

I hope everything is easy to find. The sidebar is on the left side now, but it has the same order as it used to. Later I´ll find out how to make the home page for this theme (or if it´s possible), in the meantime just click the site title “Soul Fields” on the left to navigate back to the stream of posts.

I send you all my love and continuous  gratitude.  I´m also very happy for all the new followers this blog has been receiving.

In the spirit of graceful changes,


“Astrodienst, astro.com: Graceful changes

Valid during many months: This influence represents an excellent opportunity for you to make changes in your emotional life and personal surroundings, such as your home. And you can make these changes without causing great problems and upsets, as might be the case at other times…

Events may present you with opportunities to experience your emotions in a new way. You may begin a new relationship that will bring feelings you have never had before. A love relationship that begins under this influence will have a wonderful excitement that may be missing at other times. Existing relationships may also change so that they, too, allow you new emotional experiences.

A situation may occur that brings up an event from the past so that you can examine it in a new light and change your attitudes toward it. By understanding the past differently, you will be able to change its effect upon you…

Take advantage of this opportunity to make graceful changes in your personal life. Now it will be easy to get rid of unconscious attitudes, habits and routines that will be much harder to get rid of later on.”

Uranus trine Moon,  activity period mid-May 2014 until beginning of January 2016


Image: wallpaperswide.com

Poem: Ceres Conjunct Saturn


Saturn – Father Time –
is thinking about
his lessons:
By time I have
surely learned
that there is perfection
in imperfection,
learned to value myself
and others
just as we are
with no conditions.

There are no mistakes in life,
only lessons, I know.
Hmm, I  play fair,
I appreciate my
ability to commit and
my care for detail,
nowadays also giving
flexibility its space.
I appreciate my
patience of letting
things mature
from the seeds to their
full blooms,
I give space for sudden
shifts as well.
I know when I´m
being overly loyal,
and overly responsible.
And I recognize when
I´m being too
critical and hard
on myself
and on others.
I know when to let go.

Something soft is
gently interrupting
these deep

– Welcome Ceres,
is your offer to rub
my shoulders
still valid,
Saturn asks.
– Sure, smiles
I love to
nurture you.
Would you like
some orange
juice, too?

– Deelia ©


Image: The Father Time card from the Visconti-Sforza Tarot deck / Wikimedia Commons