Poem: Soul Window


soul window
the mind


– Deelia ©


Image:  Woman by the Window by Pablo Picasso / wikiart.org


Poem: Naked for Soul Love








as you





in the





– Deelia ©


PS. Eros is in Pisces at the moment.

Image: wikiart.org / Nude with Flowers by Marc Chagall

Monthly Symbol: Shooting Star for December

Star of the Hero by Nicholas Roerich. From wikiart.org. Click the image to enlarge.

Shooting star is my pick to be the symbol of December here at Soul Fields.  Wishes and dreams are being fulfilled. Connecting with our inner child we are able to see the miracles and magic everywhere and bring a sense of awe and wonder into our lives.

I chose an image of a male star gazer, because the female is so much the emphasis today when it comes to spirituality from the newer perspective. (Not that it is disconnected from the male point of view, quite the contrary.)

The Symbolism Behind a Shooting Star / Spice4Life

The Shooting Star – Symbol and Myth / A Seeker’s Thoughts

Added afterwards: Make a Wish Upon the Shooting Stars This Weekend / Donna Henes /Huffington Post (mythic shooting star meanings in different cultures)

Soulmate Story: Woman Paints Her Future Husband Before Meeting Him

Artist Chloe Mayo. Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

“An artist has married the man of her dreams four years after painting his lookalike in a prophetic piece of artwork.

In 2009, Chloe Mayo, who was single at the time, quickly dashed off an oil painting of her holding hands with a handsome, dark bearded man.

Not thinking anything more of the creation, the 31-year-old left the painting to gather dust in the corner of her living room….” Read the whole story here: Daily Mail UK

Poem: On the Road with Aphrodite


I have shared this poem in my earlier blog (which doesn´t exist anymore), so some of you have seen it already. I just feel drawn to share it here as well.


I’ve been asking for the road
from the stars and the angels
from the seers and the cards,
from Egypt

I have asked,

and the clouds and the flowers
and the wind around,
from the brightest rainbow
I have asked

I have traveled through the time,
I’ve touched the stars,
I’ve been tiny as an atom,
and larger than the planet

I have fallen from the stars,
Risen up as well

I’ve been the dancer in the temple,
the priestess of the sun I’ve been,

the hierophant, the healer,
the servant, the beggar,
the young soul, the old soul,
the actor, the cobbler,

that magician too
I’ve been

All that I’ve been,
my friend, as
we’ve all been
that and all

until finally
gently touches the forehead,
Now it’s time, now it’s time,
the veils have been dissipated

You see now that
I am
in each one of you,
I am everywhere,
I am love, I am beauty,
I am love.

I am yours,
I am you and
you are me.

Please, embrace
the jewel
you’ve always been.

– Deelia © (ages ago)


Image: The Birth of Venus (Aphrodite), Alexandre Cabanel (1823–1889), public domain work of art from Wikimedia Commons