Poem: Angel´s Wink



Sometimes we don´t find
what we are looking for
and intuition guides us
to another route
for something even
better to be found.

Sometimes when we
are late, there
is a blessing in disguise
and we meet someone
special on the way.

Or everything seemed to
go topsy-turvy,
and later we found out
that it was all in synch
after all.

Or did you believe,
that nothing happened
when nothing happened?
Or were your feeling grumpy
and because of that
thought you´ve lost it all?

Did you sense
your angel wink,
when you allowed the
magic and smiled
at the show:
did you believe
you could be
out of this
unconditional flow?


– Deelia ©


Image: suphakit73 /freedigitalphotos.net

Snow Angel



When did I become so dignified
that I can´t make a snow angel
on the side of a public jogging route
on a sunny winter day

In the twilight zone
I am sneaking back,
I make an angel and
another one to be her mate

– Deelia (ages ago) ©


Image: worldpaperswide.com

A Cosmic Reminder: Help Available Day and Night

I used to be one of those who don´t ask for help from others when having challenges in life. I kind of felt I needed to cope with everything by myself, not bothering other people and protecting them from my challenges and worries. This humorous synchronicity is from the time line I learned to more concretely ask for help from the universe and to receive it from other people as well. This was one of the areas to me to balance giving and receiving. I was also learning to better accept and release my negative emotions at that time.


Day and Night

This is not working at all,
Angels, please, help me!

I look out of the window:
a white van is just being parked
across the street
and really
on its side it says in big letters:

-Deelia ©




Image: worldpaperswide.com

For the Inner Child: Sweet Dreams











Before falling asleep
you might feel
this gentle something
touching your heels

Angels there are
caressing you
into a sweetest dream

– Deelia ©


Image: stuart miles /freedigitalphotos.net