Fascinated by Symbolism


I love symbols and metaphors for one thing because they transcend the limitations of the mind leaving space to our imagination, intuition and the limitlessness of the spirit beyond our physical presences. I also like to use positive symbols (according to my individual psyche) for energizing, readjusting and recharging my dreams and goals, both inner and outer ones. No labeling, nor any negative programmings relating to specific words and verbal expressions, and so on, can reach those symbols. They also work like magic, when I for example just energize the symbol and leave it there, let go. Even without thinking I then often notice my day magically beginning to adjust to support the goal/dream/purpose/state…whatever.

During my meditation journeys the universe/guidance speaks to me a lot in symbolic images, too, sometimes portrayed as “video clips” and even cartoon like images. Images are also easier to remember afterwards than verbal messages (which I receive also). They speak in practical ways as well, yet leave space for imagination and personal interpretation. It doesn´t even matter, if I am able to always translate them exactly correctly – and they often have many layers of meaning, also such that can´t even be translated by the mind. Receiving them in itself affirms my, our connectedness with the universe. I don´t always verbalize them to myself, nor analyze them further, but allow them to work beyond the mind as pure energies.

One of the images I just received during my energy meditation journey was Ankh. I received it as a part of a reply to a personal question of mine, and it carried also meanings of a more collective nature of the energies that were present. I myself reached new, personal layers relating to Ankh as a symbol, both those I can translate and those I can´t, just sensing the magic, Multidimensional Magic. Receiving the symbol inspired these two posts referring to the previous one: Ankh Meaning.

Image: Ankh, Djed and Sun

Facsimile of a vignette from the Book of the Dead of Ani. The sun disk of the god Ra is raised into the sky by an ankh-sign (signifying life) and a djed-pillar (signifying stability and the god Osiris) while adored by Isis, Nephthys, and baboons. The motif symbolizes rebirth and the sunrise.

Scanned from The Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Book of Going Forth by Day by James Wasserman et al.

Current location: British Museum

Source of the image and information: Wikimedia Commons



Ankh Meaning by Jennifer Jaeger

Ankh-shaped mirror from the tomb of Tutankhamun, Valley of the Kings, Egypt. Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

This article written by Jennifer Jaeger is brought from EzineArticles.com:

The ankh is a hieroglyphic sign or symbol found through most periods of Egyptian history. I have heard several explanations of what it represents stylistically. A sandal strap, a magic knot, a woman’s sexual organs, or a mans (depends which book you read) and perhaps most poetically, Sirius rising being reflected in water. (Always liked that one).

However we do know what it meant, it represented the key of life, the vital key handed by the gods to the Pharaoh, literally “life”. Eternal existence, the essence of all that is spiritual and good.

Often the ankh is held to the nose of the Pharaoh, giving him life. If we think of the art of the reign of the famous Pharaoh Akhenaton (1352-1336 BCE) Aton sends down his life giving rays of sunlight ending in a little hand holding an ankh in front of the Pharaoh and his family’s noses. In other words the rays of the sun give life to the Pharaoh and through the Pharaoh to his subjects.

It is interesting to note that as most of the population in Ancient Egypt were unable to read the ankh was instantly recognizable to all, even the peasants. Sometimes it is seen as a potters mark but also is everywhere on all monuments where the Pharaoh is depicted interacting with the gods and goddesses of Ancient Egypt.

It became in Ancient Egyptian religion a symbol of all that was good, everlasting and vital about the gods. In early Christian times the sign was called the crux ansata and became a symbol of the Coptic Church.

In the 1960’s the ankh was adopted by the “hippie” movement in the USA a their symbol to denote peace and free love. I don’t know if the Egyptians would-have approved but it was a nice touch to use it and in a way it has brought many people to want to learn more about Ancient Egypt and that’s a good thing.

To learn more about the Ankh a good place to start would be this blog where you can learn about antiquarian books

Jennifer Jaeger is Australia’s first agent for the Egypt Exploration Society and proprietor of Fine Egyptology and Ancient History books. Jennifer’s love of Ancient History has led her to form a successful career importing and selling rare second hand & new books and journals specializing in her field of interest.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jennifer_Jaeger

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To be continued  –  Post 2: Fascinated by Symbolism

Multidimensional Images: Goddess Hathor and God Horus


Image 1: Egyptian Goddess Hathor and Pharaoh Ramses II.  Read about Goddess Hathor at journeyingtothegoddess.wordpress.com

I have chosen the above image of Egyptian Goddess Hathor and Pharaoh Ramses II as my new header image of reasons also beyond romantic love (which my poem refers to) and their mythologies. The other image alongside would be Egyptian God Horus and Queen Nefertari (the favorite wife of Pharaoh Ramses II) below, which I have received as a gift from a friend several years ago and still have on the wall. I love the way it speaks to me beyond words and concepts in multiple dimensions. Both photos are from the website A World History of Art.

Image 2: Egyptian God Horus and Queen Nefertari. Read about Horus at ancientegyptonline.co.uk.



you have the head of an animal
and the body of a golden god

there is a panther of two meters in your steps
and deep silence in your voice

I build the bridge of my hair
for you to come

– Deelia (ages ago) Soul Fields Blog ©


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A Memory of a Memory: Lapis Lazuli


At the center of the pyramid there is Light
The Light embraces me
and begins to stream through and
between my hands
here and

the golden infinity symbol appears

I see yins and yangs,
times and eras, where
we fell
to find each other again

I am in  your voice
of deep silence

– Deelia  ©




Images: pyramids/worldpaperswide.com, lapis lazuli/Wikimedia Commons