Affirmation: Morning Code


My most wonderful
future is guiding me
today and always.
My day automatically
arranges itself
according to it.

I clap my hands twice,
and I´m magically
experiencing living
in the New Paradigm.
So is the code
set by my soul.

Clap, clap!

– Deelia ©



Quantum Jumping to Find True Love

RealityShifters Blog

Cynthia Sue Larson

Imagine that everything in your life has been a dream, and you are just waking up for the first time right now. Can you feel a jolt of energy as you look around your surroundings–with a fresh sense of wonder that in some way you are here for the first time?

This exercise is designed to improve mindful awareness. When you envision you are starting your life with a completely fresh beginning in this very moment… you can feel a heightened state of awareness regarding all the possibilities open to you right here, right now. Mindfulness is the key to appreciating the reality we’re currently in, as well as recognizing the direction we’re moving in, and the direction we’d most like to go.

HALT! Are you Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired?

Notice whether you’re feeling hungry, angry, lonely, or tired (H.A.L.T.). If you are feeling any of these things, you…

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Poem: Pallas Athena


Pallas Athena,
goddess of divine wisdom
and strength,
lend me your balancing faith
living in authenticity
blending intuition
with logic
leading to
from distracting

May fair play,
natural as that,
on the earth plane
from the
the energy
of our best future
I wear.
the brightest of
probable futures
I now step into it.

– Deelia ©


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Photo: Deelia