Poem: We Are so Loved


We are so

that if we
ask for proof for
the concrete mind
the universe
will deliver

we are so
loved that if
we question
the same
thing a
hundred times,
we get the answer
a thousand times

We are so
that if
we loose
our guidance
is even better
than you know

we are so loved that
no matter what,
we are guided
towards well-being
and joy

the way we are,
we are so loved


– Deelia ©

Image: free4kwallpaper.com


Enjoying Synchronicity: The Pleiades


I unintentionally happened to click this image today.  Astronomy Picture of the Day is included in my bookmarks. The image is exactly similar to one of the images I saw during my energy meditation the other day. Synchronicity never ceases to amaze me.


Image: The Pleiades Deep and Dusty at Astronomy Picture of the Day, Image Credit & Copyright: Juan Carlos Casado (TWAN, Earth & Stars), Miquel Serra-Ricart & Daniel Padron, FECYT