Poem: Golden Retrieval


This little poem is inspired by one of the several different energy transmissions around the New Year.

Wishing everyone a happy, enriching, inspiring New Year!

With gratitude of your presence, be it more visible or invisible,



Golden Retrieval


I saw
New Year
written in
so elegant
were the

and fulfillment
the Earth
for completion
of a phase
to a
state of
lighter being,

there is
a golden
might we
so choose,

a quantum
from the


– Deelia ©



– the act of retrieving or something retrieved
–  the cognitive process of bringing stored information into consciousness


Image: wallpaperswide.com

11 thoughts on “Poem: Golden Retrieval

  1. Beautiful Deelia.. I hope that we all experience a Peaceful Transition as the Earth enters her next phase of Golden Light..
    Love and Blessings for a wonderful and Happy New Year, May it be blessed with Peace and Harmony..

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    1. It is, your intuition clicked so for you, I think. 🙂 The higher energies serve us individually, they are divinely tailored for each. They are always for nourishment, growth, wholeness, fun, joy, love, compassion, understanding, acceptance (like of our highs and lows), wisdom, peace, ease, grace, confidence, vitality, balance, harmony, lightness, abundance, freedom, liberation, inspiration, pleasure, wellness, happiness, magic, miracles, flow, fulfillment, good and happy lives and so on, and so on… 😀 Happy New Year, David! Deelia

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  2. Deelia,
    Your poem here reminded me of my beloved childhood dog – a golden retriever. I just read another poem by another poet friend about her love for her dog. There’s this sense of inner reliance that can be built on, a deep fidelity of love. Thank you for your flowing graces here!
    Aloha, Happy New Year, 2017!
    Peace, Ka

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    1. If I had a dog, it would be a golden retriever, it happens to be my favorite dog. 😀 Thanks for your lovely take, there is even more synchronicity to it.

      The words “golden retrieval” were dropped by my guidance while I was writing the poem. (Knowing the basic meaning of the word “retrieval” I then went to check the wordbook, like I often do, to look for any expanded meanings. Don´t know exactly why, but I was then drawn to add the translations after the poem.)

      Aloha. ❤ Wishing you the best for this year!

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