Knitting Project~ Life Lessons..

Everyday life offers us great metaphors. 🙂

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Remember the knitting project I told you about?

I knitted away happily following the pattern which I had adapted slightly..  The back first then fronts and sleeves. Dipping into the separate balls of yarn which came within the same batch lot of dye lot number in one large bag.  And as you knitter’s and those who crochet know, along with those of us who decorate and choose our wall paper, we need to ensure the dye-lot numbers are the same, or shading can take place. And my choice of Pink glitter wool was all the same batch number it was in the same bag.. 

Most rainy afternoons as the light began to fail I would knit happily away long into the evenings, often by lamp light each stitch lovingly placed from one needle to the next.

Everything progressing nicely along. All the panels knitted, I then start the rib to…

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4 thoughts on “Knitting Project~ Life Lessons..

    1. Thanks to you for sharing. Reminded me of a few practical metaphors I´ve had recently relating to seemingly minor everyday issues, but which work also in bigger ways. And by the way – I´d love to wear glitter pink!:) Love, Deelia

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      1. 🙂 Thank you Deelia.. This one is for my granddaughter I hope to get a .of her with her Mums permission .. She takes ballroom and is not quite 6 .. So the sparkles are to go with her dress 🙂 And I have a few glittery things too LOL.. 🙂

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      2. How sweet! She will be a happy princess. I don´t knit myself, but I admire such a talent (and any other practical and/or creative skill). I´m always thrilled when I receive self made woolen socks (most often from my mother).

        To glitter! LOL


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