Poem: A Radio Full of Stars


My radio
is in sync
with me;
it often
in form
of synchronicity.
Like it
repeats my
in exact timing,
or plays
a song
as a confirmation
to my mind
me that
is always
is really

We are
to the
loving field,
all encompassing
us all.


One night
I was looking
for the stars
on the Internet;
when I
opened the
the radio
began to play
A Sky Full of

was even
more to it,
as I had
been asking
for the next
heart song
to add to
my dance

I now play it to
because of
my joyful

– Deelia ©

A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay


Image: wallpaperswide.com


Dream Catcher Magic



Knowing that I love dream catchers my lovely niece sent me a self designed drawing of a dream catcher for my birthday last week. Not enough that it happens to hold precious numerological and other personal meanings to me (like the seven pointed star as one of them, the symbol of my life purpose, also known as Mystic Star), it intuitively seems to be catching the story of Ojibwe Dream Catcher History. Read the last sentence of the excerpt and count the petals of the flower web in addition to the seven pointed star. The excerpt is from Dream-Catchers.org at http://www.dream-catchers.org/ojibwe-dream-catcher-history/ where you can read the full story as well as find more information about the fascinating dream catcher theme:

“Long ago in the ancient world of the Ojibwe Nation, the Clans were all located in one general area of that place known as Turtle Island. This is the way that the old Ojibwe storytellers say how Asibikaashi (Spider Woman) helped Wanabozhoo bring giizis (sun) back to the people. To this day, Asibikaashi will build her special lodge before dawn. If you are awake at dawn, as you should be, look for her lodge and you will see this miracle of how she captured the sunrise as the light sparkles on the dew which is gathered there.

Asibikaasi took care of her children, the people of the land, and she continues to do so to this day. When the Ojibwe Nation dispersed to the four corners of North America, to fill a prophecy, Asibikaashi had a difficult time making her journey to all those cradle boards, so the mothers, sisters, & Nokomis (grandmothers) took up the practice of weaving the magical webs for the new babies using willow hoops and sinew or cordage made from plants. It is in the shape of a circle to represent how giizis travels each day across the sky. The dream catcher will filter out all the bad bawedjigewin (dreams) & allow only good thoughts to enter into our minds when we are just abinooji. You will see a small hole in the center of each dream catcher where those good bawadjige may come through. With the first rays of sunlight, the bad dreams would perish. When we see little asibikaashi, we should not fear her, but instead respect and protect her. In honor of their origin, the number of points where the web connected to the hoop numbered 8 for Spider Woman’s eight legs or 7 for the Seven Prophecies.”

For the lovers of stories I also recommend to read the Lakota Dream Catcher History on the same site: http://www.dream-catchers.org/lakota-dream-catcher-history/


Image: Drawing by Deelia´s niece ©

INFJ at the Holidays?

Here is Linda´s great take on INFJ personality type in the Myers Briggs system and of HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) in general. Additionally to Linda´s I share a couple of links I have taken my own tests from. I am an ENFP though since for several years I´ve been in a much more introverted phase than I used to (always having needed time alone, too). I know in theory and practice that the basic personality type doesn´t disappear though we often go through other kinds of personality phases in life as well. (I have used another personality type/structure model as my first tool, which I know much deeper than Myers Briggs´).

https://www.16personalities.com/ (This link gives a good quick look at the types https://www.16personalities.com/personality-types )


litebeing chronicles

HAPPY SAG DAY! Today the sun entered Sagittarius and all is right in your world, right?

This was a pre-Christmas post, but I suspect it will be useful right about now. After I ran my Grief and Loss group today on the topic of coping with family and loss during the holidays and reflected on my current family drama, I realized that sometimes we need to recalibrate our boundaries and love ourselves more, not less.

Enjoy this re-tread and feel free to comment.

I was ready to dive into an astrology article including Taylor Swift, but she will have to shake it off just a little bit longer. I am sensing a need to write about how to navigate the holiday season with fun and a lot less drama. I have wanted to write about INFJs and HSPs ( Highly Sensitive People) for a while, and this seems to be the…

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Sacred Tattoos – Personal Portals to Genetic Rewiring

I don´t have any tattoos myself (I might have a small one one day), yet all the different types of use of symbols fascinates me. “It’s the same process that Dr. Emoto discusses – that of altering our and others’ genetic/DNA code with symbolically potent symbols and images that have high vibrational intents. As we are mostly made of water and water has been proven to shift its molecular structure in mirroring response to positive thoughts, feelings and images, so then does our body respond the same way with sacred, intentful tattoo images, specifically and energetically chosen, created, and placed.”

Tania Marie's Blog

The more I experience the effects of what I find to be life-changing information, the more I feel driven to share those discoveries with others. This is what took place after over 13 years and 100 plus hours of tattoo work, leading me to write “Spiritual Skin” and make available what I found to be profoundly empowering and healing. The more I saw the valuable gifts as integrated pieces to the bigger picture support of the new collective shifts, it became clear there was something powerful being revealed that others could also benefit greatly from. Personally learning how sacred tattoos were potent transformational tools made me realize the significance of what this information held and it was something that felt like a disservice to keep to myself.

And so “Spiritual Skin” came into creation and has been well received in ways I hadn’t even imagined – aiding a new paradigm…

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Knitting Project~ Life Lessons..

Everyday life offers us great metaphors. 🙂

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Remember the knitting project I told you about?

I knitted away happily following the pattern which I had adapted slightly..  The back first then fronts and sleeves. Dipping into the separate balls of yarn which came within the same batch lot of dye lot number in one large bag.  And as you knitter’s and those who crochet know, along with those of us who decorate and choose our wall paper, we need to ensure the dye-lot numbers are the same, or shading can take place. And my choice of Pink glitter wool was all the same batch number it was in the same bag.. 

Most rainy afternoons as the light began to fail I would knit happily away long into the evenings, often by lamp light each stitch lovingly placed from one needle to the next.

Everything progressing nicely along. All the panels knitted, I then start the rib to…

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Poem: Deneb


There is a


in the heart

of the









in the cells

is a binary set

of the heart

of the other one,

a mutual gift,

a magnetic


to celebrate

the ultimate

home coming,







– Deelia ©


Image: Deelia