Poem: Loving Murky


When my Murky
is on
I don´t
believe how
life looks like then.
I  transmit
lighter energy

 ask if
it would like
a tender hug
or I ask it to play;
if it would
like a joke
or to write
a poem
And if it
I just let it
So human,
so understandable
I state.

Then after awhile
it turns to laugh
beginns to

you know,
it has this
sunny side
it really 
cannot hide

– Deelia ©


Image: wallpaperswide.com

2 thoughts on “Poem: Loving Murky

  1. Thanks! 🙂 PS. In my native everyday language it´s totally okay to compensate she/he with “it” (and there is only one word word for female and male s/he) . Don´t know if that works in English… but I´m always glad if the “essence” is there to be found despite of all the possible language errors etc).

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