Poem: Freedom (corrected)


These structures
people have made
of unknowingness
are just that,
my soul said
reopening the cage
of my inner bird,
they don´t define you
nor anyone else.
Keep on
flying free
flying free up to
the skies
and let´s
create Magic
what can
be seen.


– Deelia ©

with gratitude to all who serve for understanding and fair play.


Image: luigi diamanti/freedigitalphotos.net

Poem: Spring Party


The sun has said
to the gray:
It´s my turn!
The birds are
having a wondrous
morning concert.
A crow is
to croak along.

is welcomed
to join in
the party
with their
own style,
I hum.

Yeeeeah, toots
a pheasant.

– Deelia ©


Image: wallpaperswide.com