Poem: Washing Dishes


I´m washing dishes
and suddenly
sensing this
connectedness to
the huge cosmic
The Divine is
washing these
dishes and it
amuses me

The great
the seemingly
most ordinary

– Deelia ©


Image: wallpaperswide.com

16 thoughts on “Poem: Washing Dishes

  1. PS on second glance I notice your image is so close to my meditation image that i am currently drawing because I could not find an image online to match it? wow, synchronicity strikes again 🙂

    You are good Deelia!


    1. Wow, thanks for sharing, Linda. It´s easy to be good then. 😀

      You are also free to use the image, if you like. Wallpaperswide.com allows to use the images for non commercial purposes, if you keep their logo found on the right corner of each image (like you, too, I use to credit the image source(s) otherwise as well, as the logo doesn´t show properly in all kinds of posts).

      Ah, again, to synchronicity, it seems to be a continuous celebration of connectedness between you and me and among all of us here at WP <3.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Deelia. I will use it as it is so close to what I saw in my vision. I had stopped searching for it and here it is! I will also use the drawing I am working on for contrast. Another lesson in mastery 🙂

        xoxo Linda


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