Poem: Awaking the Dream


you touch
the moon,
the stars
and the gates of
heaven in me,
I merge with
the sun
in the ocean
and the bluegreen
in the core
of the earth
in the high sky
below the

– Deelia ©


Image:  False-Color Image of Double Helix Nebula Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech, Image produced by: M. Morris (UCLA)/ Wikimedia Commons

4 thoughts on “Poem: Awaking the Dream

    1. Thank you, sweet soul!

      Maybe you´ll write one day. There was a pause of several years for me from writing poems, and then they just began to come again. It still surprises me though that I dare to write them in English here, because it´s not my native language and I can´t be sure about the correctness/exactness of the language and grammar. I´m so happy there are people who can relate to them despite of that. Very encouraging, very unconditional. 🙂

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