Poem: Light Light


Light is swirling
around and inside me
the limitations
of the old world,
anchoring lightness
into the plane of Earth.

I willingly am
the happy
of my soul,
free and
like is
the universe

– Deelia ©


Image: wallpaperswide.com (white feather found on New Year´s day)

10 Habits to Give Up to Start Experiencing More Ease and Flow

Synchronicities abound in the beginning of the year. One area I had been reflecting on before the year´s end had been where I have succeeded in letting go of struggling (inner/outer world) on the long run (not just in the past year), and where I still need some reminders to practice “economy of energy”, that is giving things and issues no more energy than they really require. And so it is that Joya has shared a wise list of reminders.

The Lavender Sage

FlowIf I had to narrow down my goals for the New Year into just one central idea, it would be to experience more ease and flow on a day-to-day basis. I want to stop opposing life and start going with the flow, to work without effort, anxiety or complication. I want to complete tasks for their intrinsic value, not for the outcomes. I want work to be meaningful play.

This all boils down to living in the zone or experiencing flow. Taoists practice a similar concept called Wu Wei. They recommend that we stop struggling to make things happen. This does not mean that we should stop acting all together! It means that we must accept and explore the uncertainty of life and observe how events naturally play out. We should open ourselves up to the mystery of life and fully accept the present moment. This attitude requires us…

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