2014 Wrap- Up Blog Challenge ~ Present Your Gifts, We are good to go!

Fellow bloggers joining in Linda´s Wrap-Up ~ Present Your Gifts Blog Challenge reflecting on the year 2014. It has been very enriching to read about personal experiences of people on a similar kind of path, where The Inner blossoms and sets the pace.

(Click the links of the list to read the posting of each participant.)

litebeing chronicles


Can I get a woohoo? Repeat after me, WOOHOO!

Thank you to both Ka and Michael for blessing us with your blogging magic.

Of course, if you still want to join in, I could extend it into January…

Challenge Schedule

Sue 12/8

Tamrah Jo 12/15

Leigh 12/16

Amanda 12/17

Barbara 12/20

Julianne 12/21

Tania 12/22

Sindy 12/23

Michael 12/24

Linda 12/25

Ka 12/26

Pearlgirl 12/27

Jamie 12/28

Glorialana 12/29

Susan 12/30

Shelley 12/31

 Please join us in this end of year wrap up. Last year’s blogging challenge was wonderful. What can we can orchestrate for 2014? Re-blogs and other advertising is appreciated as time is short and there are so many days that are waiting for the right blogger to claim them! We can do this together and make such a difference with our stories.

Please read the details below…

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