Monthly Symbol: Flower of Life and Merkaba for January 2015

The Flower of Life is a powerful symbol of creating new. It symbolizes new life even referring to the DNA-strand.

“The Flower of Life is the name that gives to a geometrical figure composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles. This figure forms a flower-like pattern with the symmetrical structure of a hexagon.

Drunvalo Melchizedek has called these figures symbols of sacred geometry, asserting that they represent ancient spiritual beliefs, and that they depict fundamental aspects of space and time. Melchizedek claims that Metatron’s Cube may be derived from the Flower of Life pattern, and that the Platonic solids within it were “thought to act as a template from which all life springs”.


Merkaba: “History has talked about the Mer-Ka-Ba mostly as the vehicle that allows a person to ascend or descend into the higher or lower worlds. But actually the Mer-Ka-Ba is much more than just a vehicle of ascension. It can be, really, anything — since it is the primal pattern that created all things and all universes, both visible and invisible (see The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, volumes I & II).

In Ancient Egypt, this primal pattern was called the Mer-Ka-Ba. It was merkabaactually three words, not one. Mer meant a kind of light that rotated within itself. Ka meant spirit, in this case referring to the human spirit. And Ba meant the human body — though it also could mean the concept of Reality that spirit holds. And so the entire word in ancient Egypt referred to a rotating light that would take the spirit and the body from one world into another.”  You can read more here:

Wishing everyone the best of energies for the New Year!




Flower of Life images: Wikimedia Commons.  The brown colored one is a picture of one of Leonardo da Vinci‘s (link corrected) drawings.

Merkaba Cube:

4 thoughts on “Monthly Symbol: Flower of Life and Merkaba for January 2015

    1. Thank you, Linda. I´m glad you resonate with the picks. 🙂

      I kept it simple and short (I like to keep all these Monthly Symbol contents quite simple), but there is much more information and meditations, and so on, on the Internet for those who might wish for more.

      Love, love, love ♫♪


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    1. Thank you for the link, Linda. That is a good crystallization of what´s going on in the world today (all paths leading to Rome, like it was stated in the article, too).

      I read Drunvalo´s Flower of life books long time ago and found them very inspiring. I don´t remember much of them, but still Merkaba refreshes the same sense of magic as then to me. Personally I use it intuitively more than analytically. (I use other main methods or processes for Light Body as such, but they are ultimately of the same essence.)

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