Poem: Sacred Bath


My bath is ready,
warm and bubbly.
I step into the water
feeling its loving embrace,
its natural acceptance of all
of me.

How useless is
nagging to oneself.

– Deelia ©




Images: Keerati, winnond /freedigitalphotos.net

Poem: Angel´s Wink



Sometimes we don´t find
what we are looking for
and intuition guides us
to another route
for something even
better to be found.

Sometimes when we
are late, there
is a blessing in disguise
and we meet someone
special on the way.

Or everything seemed to
go topsy-turvy,
and later we found out
that it was all in synch
after all.

Or did you believe,
that nothing happened
when nothing happened?
Or were your feeling grumpy
and because of that
thought you´ve lost it all?

Did you sense
your angel wink,
when you allowed the
magic and smiled
at the show:
did you believe
you could be
out of this
unconditional flow?


– Deelia ©


Image: suphakit73 /freedigitalphotos.net

Poem: Ceres Conjunct Saturn


Saturn – Father Time –
is thinking about
his lessons:
By time I have
surely learned
that there is perfection
in imperfection,
learned to value myself
and others
just as we are
with no conditions.

There are no mistakes in life,
only lessons, I know.
Hmm, I  play fair,
I appreciate my
ability to commit and
my care for detail,
nowadays also giving
flexibility its space.
I appreciate my
patience of letting
things mature
from the seeds to their
full blooms,
I give space for sudden
shifts as well.
I know when I´m
being overly loyal,
and overly responsible.
And I recognize when
I´m being too
critical and hard
on myself
and on others.
I know when to let go.

Something soft is
gently interrupting
these deep

– Welcome Ceres,
is your offer to rub
my shoulders
still valid,
Saturn asks.
– Sure, smiles
I love to
nurture you.
Would you like
some orange
juice, too?

– Deelia ©


Image: The Father Time card from the Visconti-Sforza Tarot deck / Wikimedia Commons

Dust Off Your Magic Wands

Bloom Lisa Coaching

Sometimes it is hard to put into practice that which we know to be true.

Your mind and your perception of the world around you creates your life. Your ability to see how powerful this truth is can and will open many doors for you.

Life Coaching 101 – The Magic Wand ExerciseVisualization

When this card showed up as inspiration for my post today I was reminded of a tool I use in life coaching sessions, the magic wand exercise. It is quite important to maintain a sense of fun when making those big life decisions and this exercise stimulates imagination and creativity by breaking down your “rules” for your life. This exercise is effective, impactful and of little expense other than a tea, a pen and a notebook.

For this exercise, take a nice notebook and pen of choice and find yourself a quiet and peaceful spot to sit where you can write…

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Quote: Touching the Sky



“Only from the heart

can you touch the sky.”

– Rumi


Image: M51: The Whirlpool Galaxy Image Credit & Copyright: Marco Burali, Tiziano Capecchi, Marco Mancini (Osservatorio MTM) from Astronomy Picture of the Day.

The Magic of Merging with the Soul

gerbera –

In silence
my soul collects
the parts of
my personality
into a wholeness,
where they
exist as
a harmonious
in balance,
in wisdom,
in unison and joy.
No push,
no pull,
no inner strife,
just peace
and ease.

I am sensing
the connectedness
of everything
and everyone.
The past
and the
The paradigm

the stars
is in

– Deelia ©


Photo: Deelia

Goddess Brighid

The artist: http://lindartist.blogspot.fi/2011/02/brigid.html

Goddess Brighid (also known as Brigid, Bridget, Brigantia, Bride),  “exalted one”, is a mythic Celtic goddess of fire, of healing and inspiration among other things. After my poem there are links to read more about her.


Goddess Brighid

Lifting is your healing light,
inspiration sparkling from
the warmth of fire,
miraculous energies
becoming anchored
to the Earth,
dreams of exalted visions
magically manifesting.

By the campfire
of Gaia stories of
humanness we share,
weaving our uniqueness
into the oneness of
Star songs are
gifting our
with plenitude of
of the one flame
in the one cauldron
of the universe
in its multiple nuances
in its multiple dimensions.

in me sacred
goddess of fire
to the rhythm
of the heartbeat
of cosmos
weaving my
into this cosmic
of love.

Passion ignited,
balanced in the
of my soul.
No matter
how much I
spoon from there
the cauldron
is always full,
expanding into
the vastness of the spirit
I become the flame
of ultimate joy.

Healed is the child,
healed is the woman and
the man in us.
Hand in hand they flow
towards the next mysteries
of the vastness of the spirit
accompanied by the smile of
Goddess Brighid,
one of the many
not wearing a crown.

– Deelia ©


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