Poem: White Feather

I was thinking of you,
when a white feather
into my kitchen flew.
Gently as an
angel´s touch
it reminded me:
you, too, are being
guided here, you see.

Signs are all around us,
and in the heart at first,
of how to fulfill
this delightful thirst.

– Deelia ©

Image: Wikimedia Commons

7 thoughts on “Poem: White Feather

    1. Thank you, Beautiful. They remind me of you, too, these days and a couple of other people playing with them as well (though the white feathers are of course to all who resonate with them as symbols, like here in my blog. They are inclusive :)). I saw the previous ones on the tv the other day.

      Lovegood ~~~~~~


    1. Thank you! I´m glad you resonate with the poem.

      PS. If “fulfill” can be used figuratively with “thirst” at all, I don´t know. (English is not my native language.) But if not, I´m happy if the essence of the poem can still be found.


      1. Of course i believe intuitively thinking is universal back when pilgrims and native American Indians existed. We can all feel the energy. Well if you’re tapped into it.


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