New Blog Theme

I have changed the theme (visual appearance) of my blog today and might still do some more fine tuning by time.

I hope everything is easy to find. The sidebar is on the left side now, but it has the same order as it used to. Later I´ll find out how to make the home page for this theme (or if it´s possible), in the meantime just click the site title “Soul Fields” on the left to navigate back to the stream of posts.

I send you all my love and continuous  gratitude.  I´m also very happy for all the new followers this blog has been receiving.

In the spirit of graceful changes,


“Astrodienst, Graceful changes

Valid during many months: This influence represents an excellent opportunity for you to make changes in your emotional life and personal surroundings, such as your home. And you can make these changes without causing great problems and upsets, as might be the case at other times…

Events may present you with opportunities to experience your emotions in a new way. You may begin a new relationship that will bring feelings you have never had before. A love relationship that begins under this influence will have a wonderful excitement that may be missing at other times. Existing relationships may also change so that they, too, allow you new emotional experiences.

A situation may occur that brings up an event from the past so that you can examine it in a new light and change your attitudes toward it. By understanding the past differently, you will be able to change its effect upon you…

Take advantage of this opportunity to make graceful changes in your personal life. Now it will be easy to get rid of unconscious attitudes, habits and routines that will be much harder to get rid of later on.”

Uranus trine Moon,  activity period mid-May 2014 until beginning of January 2016



7 thoughts on “New Blog Theme

    1. PS. My natal Moon is in the 6th House and I have also Mars conjunct Mars now, so initiating something new was good. And so on. Though I started this theme change by intuition, not thinking (nor looking at any astrologies) just beginning to do it. I can´t say that I´m always 100% sure when I´m being impulsive and when I´m acting by pure/higher intuition. 😀

      (Comment corrected.)

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      1. you raise a great question, impulsivity versus intuition, which is which? Mars conjunct Mars is a great time for new beginnings and I think many will enjoy the new theme. Actually, with you at the helm, those details are secondary to your spirit. 🙂


      2. Thanks, Linda, for always being so lovely and supportive. 🙂

        I myself like the theme very much, got energized by the change. In addition to a few minor other details, there is some unnecessary hyphenation at least with Firefox browser I hope will vanish by time (perhaps by future Firefox updates. There is no way to fix it for a free WP account, have checked the support pages). Yep, but I easily figured out how to add the missing Home page link after all.

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