The Magic of Merging with the Soul

gerbera –

In silence
my soul collects
the parts of
my personality
into a wholeness,
where they
exist as
a harmonious
in balance,
in wisdom,
in unison and joy.
No push,
no pull,
no inner strife,
just peace
and ease.

I am sensing
the connectedness
of everything
and everyone.
The past
and the
The paradigm

the stars
is in

– Deelia ©


Photo: Deelia

6 thoughts on “The Magic of Merging with the Soul

  1. Absolutely beautiful! You remind me of where I am going but I am not there yet by any means. Thank you so much for this signpost along the way. It reminds me that what I think of as my soul is probably just another sub. Still a long way to go! Music Heart, now at home


    1. (comment updated)

      Thank you, Music Heart!

      You are so sincere, wise, loving, benevolent, fair – among many other things – aren´t those soul qualities…:)

      Nor am I always there during the daily living. And 100% is not even required. From one point of view the sincere intention is enough. And even when I´m not there, my soul is. (That is, for one thing, my soul is always there even if I am not able to sense it.)

      Anyhow, we are just recovering from the patriarchal cultures inclusive all the conditioning and outward focuses that go with it , so….:D


  2. Thank you, Deelia. You are so sincere, wise, loving, benevolent and fair yourself!

    Your comments do help to put everything in perspective for me and that is another great gift. I will add them to my list of special helpful quotes that I refer to from time to time as they’re worth going back to reflect on. What great gifts you give! xxx


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