The Magic of Merging with the Soul

gerbera –

In silence
my soul collects
the parts of
my personality
into a wholeness,
where they
exist as
a harmonious
in balance,
in wisdom,
in unison and joy.
No push,
no pull,
no inner strife,
just peace
and ease.

I am sensing
the connectedness
of everything
and everyone.
The past
and the
The paradigm

the stars
is in

– Deelia ©


Photo: Deelia

6 thoughts on “The Magic of Merging with the Soul

  1. Absolutely beautiful! You remind me of where I am going but I am not there yet by any means. Thank you so much for this signpost along the way. It reminds me that what I think of as my soul is probably just another sub. Still a long way to go! Music Heart, now at home


    1. (comment updated)

      Thank you, Music Heart!

      You are so sincere, wise, loving, benevolent, fair – among many other things – aren´t those soul qualities…:)

      Nor am I always there during the daily living. And 100% is not even required. From one point of view the sincere intention is enough. And even when I´m not there, my soul is. (That is, for one thing, my soul is always there even if I am not able to sense it.)

      Anyhow, we are just recovering from the patriarchal cultures inclusive all the conditioning and outward focuses that go with it , so….:D


  2. Thank you, Deelia. You are so sincere, wise, loving, benevolent and fair yourself!

    Your comments do help to put everything in perspective for me and that is another great gift. I will add them to my list of special helpful quotes that I refer to from time to time as they’re worth going back to reflect on. What great gifts you give! xxx


    1. Thank you for the lovely feedback and support. Here we go hand in hand, our souls supporting also each others on/via the inner planes as well. 😉

      Love and joy ~~~~~~



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