Goddess Brighid

The artist: http://lindartist.blogspot.fi/2011/02/brigid.html

Goddess Brighid (also known as Brigid, Bridget, Brigantia, Bride),  “exalted one”, is a mythic Celtic goddess of fire, of healing and inspiration among other things. After my poem there are links to read more about her.


Goddess Brighid

Lifting is your healing light,
inspiration sparkling from
the warmth of fire,
miraculous energies
becoming anchored
to the Earth,
dreams of exalted visions
magically manifesting.

By the campfire
of Gaia stories of
humanness we share,
weaving our uniqueness
into the oneness of
Star songs are
gifting our
with plenitude of
of the one flame
in the one cauldron
of the universe
in its multiple nuances
in its multiple dimensions.

in me sacred
goddess of fire
to the rhythm
of the heartbeat
of cosmos
weaving my
into this cosmic
of love.

Passion ignited,
balanced in the
of my soul.
No matter
how much I
spoon from there
the cauldron
is always full,
expanding into
the vastness of the spirit
I become the flame
of ultimate joy.

Healed is the child,
healed is the woman and
the man in us.
Hand in hand they flow
towards the next mysteries
of the vastness of the spirit
accompanied by the smile of
Goddess Brighid,
one of the many
not wearing a crown.

– Deelia ©


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6 thoughts on “Goddess Brighid

  1. hey Deels,
    Happy Brighid Day to you! I think your poem ( the 1st one) is actually among your best! I love it and I think you do embody the spirit of this goddess 🙂

    xx Linda


    1. Thank you so much, Linda! ❤ I´m glad that you like the poem, especially because I thought it might need some fine tuning, but shared it already as fresh (I often do so :D).

      My relationship with the mythologies is, let´s say 99% intuitive, rather than intellectual. I am more of an "updater" (if that either) and I like subjectivity appreciating also all the people who know and share the historical perspectives and origins.

      Liked by 1 person

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