Twin Flames Telepathy and Connections (updated)


Updated 19th January/2015:  I have changed the links to the original site and story of Brendan & Paula.

I love to read about how others experience twin flames and soulmate connections in general. This quote is from an inspiring site Collapsing Duality…into Oneness:

“So, how do Twin Flames connect? Simply put – they connect across all space and time through LOVE. That is it! There is no incense burning, no wizard behind the curtains, and no smoke & mirrors. Love is the key to connecting with your Twin Soul. Without love, nothing is possible. However, when the Twins keep their hearts open and full with the love of their divine counterpart’s essence and energy, they are connected!” Read the whole article here:

There are also different “octaves”, ego and soul perspectives, to take into account in telepathy while consciously connecting with our special soulmates – or with any one else for that matter. One of the ethics is to approach from the soul octave and ask for a permission to connect. That is about appreciating the free will and the personal space of other people. With telepathy comes also responsibility. Often the sincere intention of that is enough though.

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