Poem: Evoking the Goddess


Long before I met you,
you came to me as your soul,
showered my body
with love,
light and energy,
asked me to embrace all
the parts I didn´t like in it,
those ones I had unwillingly
sacrificed to the
images of the world.
you moved your
hands on my etheric body,
inviting me to open up,
appreciatively touching
but not touching,
releasing tensions
and old memories,
giving my body
back to myself,
connecting me with
the tantric field
of true love
and the unconditional love
of yours,
evoking the goddess.

– Deelia ©


Image: wallpaperswide.com

Poem: Wind Turbines


Every time I
see wind turbines,
I slide into
a mysterious space
and a place, where
I have been
but not yet.
Like traversing
a parallel reality
I can´t see,
only sense.

– Deelia ©




Images: dan /freedigitalphotos.net

Poem: Pallas Athena


Pallas Athena,
goddess of divine wisdom
and strength,
lend me your balancing faith
living in authenticity
blending intuition
with logic
leading to
from distracting

May fair play,
natural as that,
on the earth plane
from the
the energy
of our best future
I wear.
the brightest of
probable futures
I now step into it.

– Deelia ©


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Photo: Deelia

September Super Moon

supermoon2 –

This photo is a sample from my walk with the magical, enchanting almost full Super Moon yesterday evening, ending up moon bathing by the sea. Although the photo is not technically very qualified, I chose it, because of its fascinating mystical atmosphere, which I am not able to better describe in words. Its energy talks to me beyond my physical presence.

Here is a great article concerning this September Super Moon and other current astrologies:

Gray Crawford: Super Pisces Full Moon


Photo: Deelia

Poem: Double Rainbow


After the rain
a double rainbow
forms one gate
for us to
move on
– The path has
shifted, sing
Passion and Harmony.

– Deelia ©


Image: Alaska, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Canning River by Jan Reurink from Netherlands /Wikimedia Commons