Do You Think that You Have Never Channeled?


“The times when inspiration flows effortlessly are similar to the channeling state. Most of you have had brief experiences of a channeling-like space, such as talking to a friend in need, feeling wisdom flowing through you and saying things you had not originally intended to say. The moments when you feel deep love for a friend, awe as you look at a beautiful sunset, appreciation for the beauty of a flower, or the reverence of deep prayer all contain elements of this state of consciousness.” Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer at


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6 thoughts on “Do You Think that You Have Never Channeled?

  1. I love Sanaya Roman! Her channelling book really helped me in the beginning to recognize true guidance. Now I am busy with her book “Spiritual Growth” which is about becoming your Higher Self. If you don’t know it yet,I’m sure you will love it. 🙂


  2. Such a provocative question! I had met with a professional chaneler for years and her accuracy was either spot on or totally off. As a therapist or astrologer words often come to me that are n’t mine, but I figure that is intuition. This sometimes happens when I write, but again cannot really discern between intuition and channeling. I have also tried the exercise of writing with my non-dominant hand to see what emerges with minor results as fas as I can tell. Could you write more on this? Or if not, email me 😉

    xx Linda

    PS I was reading this post earlier today as you commented on my post. Talk about synchronicity!


    1. So nice to hear about your experiences. I am not always able to make a clear distinction either, when it is about intuition or channeling, or clairvoyance for that matter, especially during everyday living (as compared to meditation states and journeys). It also depends on how we define channeling, as from the larger perspective it consists of all forms of being tuned in, consciously or not, and receiving information and guidance from the soul/source/higher consciousness and planes/superconsciousness, or in other words just being in a higher flow. To some it is about that consciously working with and verbally channeling a higher presence, like ones own soul-spirit, individual guides or group entities from the higher planes.

      Writers and artists of all kinds are often natural channelers usually having high intuitive skills. And channeling is a skill that can be learned, like we know, whereas earlier it was considered that channeling was a special skill of the few.

      And thanks for always inspiring me to write about these issues. Maybe one day I will write more about the perspective of channeling as well. I had been thinking about that before posting these two little posts, but at least for now it takes too much time to write profound articles in English. (To those who see this comment and don´t already know: I have collected the posts concerning my personal experiences of psychic phenomena in The Sixth Sense page of my blog).

      Delighted by the synchronicity, as always.


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