Poem: Evoking the Goddess


Long before I met you,
you came to me as your soul,
showered my body
with love,
light and energy,
asked me to embrace all
the parts I didn´t like in it,
those ones I had unwillingly
sacrificed to the
images of the world.
you moved your
hands on my etheric body,
inviting me to open up,
appreciatively touching
but not touching,
releasing tensions
and old memories,
giving my body
back to myself,
connecting me with
the tantric field
of true love
and the unconditional love
of yours,
evoking the goddess.

– Deelia ©


Image: wallpaperswide.com

10 thoughts on “Poem: Evoking the Goddess

  1. your thoughts have spun into magick as they ripple among the stars…
    sometimes I think the crystals within computers draw us to hear what we need to hear
    see what we need to see….
    This is words of art that we read, see, hear and feel…
    Thank you for sharing…I enjoyed it very much…
    Take Care…You Matter…


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