Poem: Wind Turbines


Every time I
see wind turbines,
I slide into
a mysterious space
and a place, where
I have been
but not yet.
Like traversing
a parallel reality
I can´t see,
only sense.

– Deelia ©




Images: dan /freedigitalphotos.net

2 thoughts on “Poem: Wind Turbines

  1. Nicely done. I have a thing about windmills and I have not been to the Netherlands, They come up for me in meditation and past life regression. Maybe I have seen you there 🙂


    1. How fascinating, Linda! 🙂 The “old type” of windmills are wonderful.

      The wind turbines carry among the unexplainable a kind of Atlantean sense to me, both in the past and in the future in a funny way. It is also like an other planet is included, and it is in another dimension. Something very futuristic, yet familiar at the same time. And it´s a positive, peacefully exciting/fascinating sense.

      By the way – I saw a seashell for you in a dream last night. It was a very big one and heavenly beautiful. In the dream I immediately thought of telling you (it was not mine but an old boyfriend´s and there were also other items included). Sorry, I could´t take a picture of it for you. 😀

      PS. There´s also another poem from me yesterday, just in case you haven´t seen it.

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