Soulmate Story: Woman Paints Her Future Husband Before Meeting Him

Artist Chloe Mayo. Source:

“An artist has married the man of her dreams four years after painting his lookalike in a prophetic piece of artwork.

In 2009, Chloe Mayo, who was single at the time, quickly dashed off an oil painting of her holding hands with a handsome, dark bearded man.

Not thinking anything more of the creation, the 31-year-old left the painting to gather dust in the corner of her living room….” Read the whole story here: Daily Mail UK

8 thoughts on “Soulmate Story: Woman Paints Her Future Husband Before Meeting Him

  1. Great story, so inspiring and hopeful..

    This isn’t the same thing exactly, but…
    Many years ago I dated a man that I met at a gathering at the house of my ex boyfriend’s ex girlfriend’s house. I was friends with her believe it or not. Anyway he and I were strangely drawn to one another and quickly began seeing each other. He had a prominent tattoo of a woman with long dark hair and dark eyes ( like me) and it read it bold letters Astrology Woman! And he was not really into astrology 😉

    It was quite amazing to say the least! I went on to the read the whole story and he does look like the man in the painting. Could be law of attraction or recall of a future moment.


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