10 thoughts on “Patience

    1. Yes, it´s wonderful. Unfortunately I don´t know who the author is (would have credited him/her), found the image on Facebook. There seems to be several drawings of the same idea on the Internet.


  1. Staying in the presence of Now needs Patience 🙂
    Many thanks for all your kind visits.. You have a wonderful blog and a beautiful way with words.. And love your poetry..
    Blessings your way
    Sue xox


    1. Hehee for life´s paradoxes…

      And thank you so much. I´m glad that you can connect with my poems, helps me to ease the uncertainty of how correct my English is for one thing, always hoping for that the essences are there nevertheless.

      And likewise, I enjoy your blog and its lovely energies, too. Although I rarely comment on anything, I´m so happy to be part of this blogging community. I simply love the atmosphere.

      Blessings to you, too,




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