How to move forward when you’re feeling stuck.

The Lavender Sage

FEEL your way.jpg

Something that is desired so deeply but is a long time coming can develop a pattern of vibration that makes you feel paralysed.

If you have an area in your life where you’re feeling that exact vibrational pattern, the desired outcome shifts towards clarity rather than the desire of a manifestation. A desire for clarity to know what is necessary in order to move forward. During this feeling of paralysis the mind is saying “I want it, I should be finding solutions to make it happen, I need to have it soon, I feel like a failure without it.” this is only the ego speaking not your inner being.

Over the years you may have worked so much towards a particular desire through a lot of effort, energy and action, yet it still hasn’t shown up to meet you. Clearly when you become irritated and agitated by your desires the timing is way off…

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