Starting a New Chapter in Your Life: Audio Meditations

abstract_flower_2-wallpaper-1366x768A thought for Sunday:

“It is not enough just to give and radiate love; loving yourself comes from receiving love also. If you are giving love to people but they cannot receive it, then it has no place to go. You do everyone a great service by being willing to receive his or her love. One of the greatest gifts you can give others is opening to their love for you.” – Living With Joy / Sanaya Roman

From Creating Your Highest Future Room at Click for yours here:

Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer
2014: Starting a New Chapter in Your Life

“Message from Orin

This is an important time on earth, with many spiritual energies coming into the Earth plane that support making major changes in your life.  You may have felt the impulse to change your life, or you may have already made some important and significant improvements. I have created two audio guided meditations to assist you in taking a quantum leap into realizing more of your full potential. You have much support available for the shifts you want to make from your Divine Self, your inner teachers and guide(s), and from the Enlightened Ones who will all assist you with light, energy, and guidance whenever you ask. I invite you to experience an enhanced sense of well-being, greater inner peace, and a sense of joy and fulfillment as you listen and open up to a new and higher future.”

Orin’s Starting a New Chapter in Your Life Audio Meditation

Orin’s Contacting the Sacred Transmuting Violet Flame Audio Meditation





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