Thankfully about an Intuitive Reading Given by Linda


Marc Chagall: The Lovers in the Moonlight, 1938

My blogging friend Linda at litebeing chronicles gave me an intuitive reading concerning my love life. It was so spot on as for what has already been going on in the area and what I have seen for myself clairvoyantly as well. In the reading sent by email she shared a couple of images she had received having first gone within and focused on me. She had also picked a couple of Sacred Path cards describing what I need to release and the new energies coming in. I´m very delighted by the accuracy of the reading! Linda is also a very skillful astrologer and dream interpreter. Click the links to read more about her services  and the testimonials.

5 thoughts on “Thankfully about an Intuitive Reading Given by Linda

  1. Deelia, It was a pleasure to provide you with this reading 🙂 This post is wonderful and I love the image that you chose to highlight love. Thank you so much for this kind tribute.

    love and light,

    PS, Is it alright to reblog?? 🙂


  2. I am so pleased you too were able to experience this wonderful exchange of Linda’s excellent skills… I too was privileged to have a Astrological reading plus what Linda intuitively felt which was spot on.. Linda has a wonderful gift… And pleased also to drop in to say Hello Soul Fields, you have a lovely blog..


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