Poem: Magic Child in December



My inner magical child is
whispering in December:
what mystery, what wonder,
can you feel?

Let´s put a flower wreath
on your head,
Adult dear!
Okay, I soften,
and the wrinkles
on the forehead ease

inner flowers
do not freeze in winter time
the adult recalls.
In the now moment indeed
the child plays.
And the body fills with
twinkling stardust

I ask the child to ride
piggyback on me,
and together we see
Mystery and wonder
joy and bliss
are everywhere!

– Deelia / Soul Fields Blog ©


Image: worldpaperswide.com

10 thoughts on “Poem: Magic Child in December

  1. It’s wonderful to see this…it shows that even in winter..when it is supposed to be cold and dark…that within us if we choose we can make it a beautiful time full of play and light!


  2. Hi Deelia… This post was actually one of the posts that inspired me to write my post ‘I feel and see magic everywhere’…. Thankyou… Have you had chance to read my January Challenge, writing a short piece on your own awakening experience… to share with others… It would be lovely if you would join us… The stages are only a guide as each heart is unique and has its own expression… Hope you had a merry christmas and here to a magical 2014… Barbara x http://memymagnificentself.wordpress.com/2013/12/17/challenge-2014-my-awakening-experience-and-moving-forward/


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