Letting Go of Perfectionism

“When I let go of perfectionism, I became perfect.” – a humorous quote of a friend of mine

Living In The Now

Everybody strives to be perfect in one way or another. We strive to have the “perfect” friendships, family, job, hobbies, etc. We also strive for perfection in our actions.

As a society we encourage and even demand not only perfection, but also that individuals constantly “reach for the stars”, and have “go big or go home” attitudes. However, the problem with this type of mentality is that many of us end up constantly feeling as if we are failures because we haven’t reached the stars, or we didn’t “win” somehow.

At its core, perfectionism is rooted in our own feelings of inadequacy. While we may strive to appear perfect to the external world, what a perfectionist is really doing is putting a nice façade on inner wounds, insecurities, and feelings of self-doubt and low self-worth. This is why so many perfectionists have a hard time keeping friends, dealing with criticism, or even taking advice…

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4 thoughts on “Letting Go of Perfectionism

  1. thank you for sharing this. Because I have excelled at many things and always felt old and wise and responsible ( Saturn in Capricorn ) I was driven to perfectionsm unconsciously. So much has always been expected of me from others and later from myself. I am not perfect and still struggle with wishing I had a quicker learning curve so I would never repeat or regret certain ” missteps”.
    The good news is that I have progressed in being ok with being both wounded ( Chiron near Ascendant) and special/gifted. And we are all the same in this way. It took me while to see no one is better or worse than anyone else!

    This is why I still freak out over typos 🙂


    1. Thanks for sharing, Linda. 🙂 There are so many connections, I find it challenging to crystallize today. Only but to say that I raise my hat to you, to us all, who have chosen to shift/transform different types of mass conditionings in ourselves and our lives. One great Saturn gift is also that of honesty to do so. Love, Deelia


      1. PS. Hope you don´t mind that I imitated your idea to use a different color to make it clearer who says what in a reblog. It´s clear in the reader, but not so much in the blog. So, thanks!


      2. If and when they crystallize I am interested in your impressions as always. You know I do not always get replies to my comments on wordpress unless I scroll down the comments I made section in the reader 🙂 I did not have an idea about changing colors on reblog. I think it happened automatically. Have you notived they make subtle and not so subtle formatting changes from time to time.

        in light, lindaitebeing 🙂


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