November Light



I light up the candle,
it´s cozy and warm inside
In your renewing
darkness and cold
you give me shelter
oh, transforming November

I highly respect your depth,
how it embraces life
beyond the surface,
inviting me to
let go of the old burden,
oh, November bold,
inside myself,
the purpose of my life
is being told

and there it is:
this first crystalline snow flake,
clear, innocent and miraculous
like is the precious rebirth
of my authenticity,
never truly been lost,
This inner, eternal light
now shines
bright and wide and high

– Deelia 2013 / Soul Fields Blog ©




Images:, snowflake photo by Wilson Bentley /wikimedia commons

12 thoughts on “November Light

  1. Beautiful! I never cease to be impressed at how sensitively you can express your thoughts and feelings in English, moreover in the condensed form of poetry. That is truly a gift! And thank you too for the sentiments which are far away from me this spring autumn in the southern hemisphere! Many thanks. Music Heart


    1. Thank you, dear Music Heart! Blog is a fun place to practice. It´s been years and years I´ve written in poem form (in my native language either). This was the second poem. It could be polished and polished, but I think the essences are there. I´m listening to if people can relate to/connect with them, for I´m never quite sure if the details are correct in language for one thing (in short text the grammar errors and such are more striking(?)). It´s always okay to give me other kind of feedback, too.

      I remembered while writing that the climate of November is different for you and other friends living in the southern hemisphere, and thought how strange it would be to have it the other way around. 😀




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