25 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Ancient Portal Painting

  1. It reminds me of Star Trek. I love Star Trek, especially next generation, for its philosophical, spiritual and ethical substance. I have a strong feeling that Gene Roddenberry is a sort of prophet for our times. This is a powerful image. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Portels, vortexs… we are both posting similar ‘heaven and earth’ connections… and just the day before the full moon…. and that’s when the veils are at their thinnest… so we can maybe feel deep tomorrow… do we have some big releases to do… oh my goodness… more work…. Barbara


      1. Through the Looking Glass (a mirror) is Lewis Carroll’s sequel to Alice in Wonderland, were to goes through a mirror into another world. I often quote the last line of it: “Life what is it, but a dream.” 🙂


      2. I love it! I´ve bee seeing Snow White everywhere recently, and first during a meditation journey (so it may relate to a more common theme than just a personal one.).


  3. Here are some of my associations:

    – Ancient Egypt, the connections of it to “the Light”, mysteries of the pyramids. I use to see ancient Egypt images in golden in my past life meditations. I still experience it as golden, the “shadow” does not fit to the image in this sense, only the background (and it, too, should be lighter :)) and the portal. As past life experience Ancient Egypt is “clean”, a positive metaphor to me personally. Sirius, and other star energies. Me having left the challenges of the past behind since several years ago (having analyzed and processed it enough). I´m using my tools in this moment to clear the “left overs” or whatever there is to be cleared. (Would I be guided in meditation or otherwise to go back, I´d of course do it.)
    – healing subconscious through entering higher conscious (the portal to the light)
    – entering parallel universes/realities/past/future (through the portal)
    – time doesn´t really exist
    – there is always hope
    – scifi movies/stories


    1. Thank you from my heart, Linda Dear! And congratulations for a wonderful creative project initiated and completed, as well as to the winner(s)! This commenter award certainly circles back to you from me energywise! Or can you put it on your blog as well, given from me, hehee (or how are the rules)? Love, Deelia


      1. you are welcome!

        there are absolutely no rules! I created the contest to design an award so I can acknowledge those who love to comment! please consider placing it somewhere, even temporarily if you prefer. I already have them on my blog, but will accept your award in spirit 🙂


      2. I´m happy to place it on my blog, I was already doing it when you replied. :)) When the badge is clicked it leads to your site. Hope that´s okay as an expression of my gratitude and the fact that I always love to recommend your blog.


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