A Little Synchronicity: Being Tuned In

the_book_of_secrets-wallpaper-1366x768On Wednesday the 4th I was looking for a new cover image for my Facebook profile from wallpaperswide.com. At the same time I found this fascinating image. It was as if I was to share it in my blog, but did not know what it related to, how would it serve to just share the image. Later I saw a posting about Wordless Wednesday here at WordPress I hadn´t heard of, to just post a photo then (I don´t know if they are meant to be only photos we have taken by ourselves though). I could trace the date when I was pondering about the image, because I changed the cover image then. So, I´m sharing it now with words being amused about another little synchronicity in the series of being tuned into this blogging family.

Wanna share any associations the image evokes in you?


Image: The Book of Secrets by Shayn Art /worldpaperswide.com

14 thoughts on “A Little Synchronicity: Being Tuned In

    1. Lovely! Thanks for sharing and playing with me. 😀

      Power of imagination, stories and story tellers linked with the cozy atmosphere and a gate to parallel realities were among my first associations. The title “The Book of Secrets” brought akashic records to my mind. I had also just seen a couple of (common) lizards, a golden one in the label of a South-African white wine bottle and a red one held by a child in an artistic image at Sindy´s bluebutterfliesandme blog. So, when I saw this one it was like: “And there´s another one, oh, and it´s big.” 😀 (It could as well be a dragon in the image. Anyhow I could go on from there to the meanings of lizards, both a fearful one and the higher ones.)


      1. Exactly what I was thinking, both of you 🙂
        Beautiful and powerful imagery in this pic…. books take us places we wish to go, would love to go, they ‘fly our minds’ and our hearts!
        Thank you for sharing xx


      2. You´re welcome 🙂

        And the gate to imagination is always open (unless we shut it ourselves). We are always welcomed. If the picture was bigger it could be seen that there is also this road sign, which says: “Welcome”.


  1. Love the image Deelia! To me it is the intersection of the writer’s world and the reader’s imagination. It is that otherwordly gateway to universal Source. By the way, did not know you had a FB page, hehe

    PS. I got the hehe from you my dear 🙂


      1. Thank you, Linda. 🙂 I adore your playfulness and sense of humor, too (and among other things). I often joke that the Lion part in me (Moon in Lion) says: “Adoration allowed. I adore you, too.” He-hee.


  2. That’s a beautiful picture!!
    To me the first thing that came to mind is that the world of books…knowledge is wonderful and important…but to be aware that it is not just the words which are important…sometimes it is putting the book down and taking a step out to experience it which is as important 🙂


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