Goddess Tara

Having just brought Goddess Lakshmi to my blog I also had a spontaneous meditation experience of Goddess Tara energies yesterday night. I myself am not an expert of Goddess archetypes, so
I´m glad I found this wonderful blog article of her. May her energies enchant your day as well.


6 thoughts on “Goddess Tara

  1. PS. In my meditation Goddess Tara/the energies she represented appeared mainly as golden with a hue of green. The energies were “gentle”, “balancing” and “high” , though to describe the energies in words is always another thing. 😀


    1. You´re welcome! Thank you so much “Journeying to the Goddess” blog for such a profound article. 🙂 I really enjoyed the music, too.

      Also without thinking so at first, to my mind Tara and Lakshmi make lovely symbols for the astrological David Stars phenomenon as well. The second one will be precise in this weekend. Tara also, because the different forms of Tara take into account the “dark sides” as well for possible emotional releases for the new, or renewed, to be even better. To me the time between these two occurrences has been/is a sacred process in a process. Celestial Twinkle: “ Second Star Gateway” or Star of David Aspect on August 25th, 2013 by Dipali Desai http://celestialspace.wordpress.com/2013/08/17/celestial-twinkle-second-star-gateway-or-star-of-david-aspect-on-august-25th-2013/

      Love, Deelia


  2. PPS. Although these are feminine symbols/goddesses they are for men (who can relate to these energies), too, as both men and women have both female and male energies which seek balance in many of us, as well as in the world in general…


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